Stop Smoking - How to Avoid Weight Gain

For many smokers, it's a nightmare scenario: they stop smoking and should actually be happy. But now romp some extra pounds on the hips. And already the next withdrawal is at the door - namely the good food. That does not have to be, because against the annoying pounds one can do something in advance and also accompanying.

Understand what happens in the body

Most smokers increase (about three kilograms on average) when they stop smoking. Weight gains of this magnitude represent a negligible risk factor compared to impending health damage caused by further smoking. The increased intake of calories and the elimination of nicotine as a calorie-burning substance are responsible for the observed increase in weight.

Do not fall victim to prejudice

Smoking definitely does not make you slim. In 4, 000 people examined within seven years, there was no evidence of a link between smoking and weight loss.

What can you specifically do about it?

Not only should you be careful not to consume more kilocalories. In addition, you have to burn those 200 kilocalories, which you burn less without nicotine, in other ways. Climbing stairs instead of lifts, cycling to the bakery, evening walks instead of watching TV and dancing are an introduction to boosting the metabolism.

Reduce weight while you are still smoking

If you stop smoking in two or three weeks, you can reduce two to three kilograms of weight without much effort. This can be coupled perfectly with the filling of your vitamin depots. Eat large amounts of vegetables (even raw) and half a pound of fruit daily.

Also, medical weaning help can help

Nicotine replacement therapy and bupropion have the desired side effect of delaying any weight gain. You can use it to defer weight control.

After smoking cessation: no diet

During a diet, the body is constantly receiving the information that it is in an emergency situation where a primary goal is to mobilize reserves and reduce sales. If this artificially induced emergency diet is over, the calorie consumption will still be reduced for a while. In addition, the body continues its efforts to create reserves for the next distress.

On the psychological level, similar things happen: what we are constantly forbidding is becoming more and more attractive. The massively suppressed desire for it then makes itself felt in uncontrollable cravings and hunger attacks. Dammbruchartige Fressattacken are the hardly bypassable consequence.

Eat consciously and with pleasure

It makes much more sense to eat consciously and enjoy the food instead of basting on diets. Dine with alert senses and not just by the way. If you eat casually or in a hustle and bustle down the food, you have much less the feeling that you have really had something of the food and will soon have cravings again. Balanced food means rich in vitamins, rich in fiber and low in fat.

The food starts when shopping

Regular meals in three main meals and two snacks are cheaper than other split meals. This way, the body can burn the calories best, the performance is maintained and the body feeling is better than, for example, two large meals. To outwit food cravings at the main meals also children's cutlery can be used.

If you feel like eating unhealthy food (fat, sweet, etc.), it's better to eat it consciously and watch your body feel during and after it - perhaps it will lose its appeal.

Rest and activity belong together

To be healthy or to be, the body needs activity and calm in a balanced relationship. In everyday life, you can increase your well-being through short phases of movement, such as climbing stairs and gymnastics, as well as short relaxation breaks (take a deep breath, think of something beautiful, relaxation exercise).

These breaks help to stay focused and efficient - and also provide the necessary clearance when the head is smoking. In acute stress situations, it is a great help to put pent-up energy into motion.

Endurance sport is healthy, makes you happy, keeps you slim

Use your recovered energy to practice an endurance sport such as cycling, swimming or running. Feel your new balance by taking in as much oxygen as you need in the current effort to supply your body with each breath. Start today with it; get in slowly. The important thing is that you do it - do not worry too much about whether you really feel like it.

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