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Cycling is one of the most popular sports and cycling is one of the most versatile sports equipment. Because it can be used anywhere and under a variety of landscape conditions and equally suitable for young and old alike. As Spinning it has conquered the gyms and is thus still weather independent. It is ideal for endurance training and training against obesity and immobility.

The kick when pedaling

Cycling strengthens the condition and the general condition. It not only trains the leg muscles, but also those of the abdomen, feet, arms and pelvis. Lungs, heart and circulation are strengthened, the musculoskeletal system relieved at the same time. It is also suitable for people whose mobility is limited. Because the whole body is booming on the bike, a lot of happiness hormones are released. This also contributes to the fact that it can melt flaps on buttocks, hips and thighs, helps against cellulite and prevents varicose veins.

Strolling to plan

To do something for your health, you do not have to pedal like the professionals of the Tour de France. Even the daily trip to work or holiday and weekend tours improve the condition.

Newcomers should definitely take it slow. Otherwise it threatens a bad muscle soreness. But within about three weeks even untrained people can get up to speed with their steel steed. However, you have to pedal for it regularly three times a week. Very important: The first five minutes einradeln easy, so warm up the muscles.

In the first week should not be spent more than 20 minutes in the saddle. In the second, it can then be three times 40 and in the third 60 minutes per training day.

The right equipment

Bicycles are available in all price ranges. Above all, it is important that they are well maintained and safe to drive. To be healthy, you should pay attention to a well padded saddle (for example with gel) with a full seat. An upright posture or frequent changes of the sitting position as well as regular breaks have numbness and pain in the buttocks and genitals. Wearing a helmet is not a duty, but it is for personal safety. It is also a role model for children, for whom helmets are indispensable protection.

Well-being while exercising is the motto

Anyone who adheres to this startup program and consistently trained, will soon realize how many benefits can be trampled so. But do not forget: feeling comfortable while exercising is the motto. The best way to tell the pulse, if you do not take over with the biking. The basic rule for training rides in perfect pulse range is: 220 minus the age minus 30 percent. A 30-year-old should therefore come to about 130 with her training pulse.

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