Biking - healthy leisure time fun

Modern bicycles are real high-tech devices. And many believe that kicking the pedals is only for sports guns. Cycling is not just a sport, but also a great fun for everyone. Sports physicians say that hardly any other joint-sparing sport improves fitness as effectively as cycling: even those who travel twice a week ensure effective cardiovascular training and reduce overweight.

Cycling: Healthy for the heart and circulation

Sports physicians say that hardly any other joint-sparing sport improves fitness as effectively as cycling. And without much effort. Those who spend thirty minutes on bicycles twice a week train their heart and circulation, reduce their overweight and provide mental relaxation. The great thing about it: even natures, who otherwise live under the motto "No Sports", can do a lot of fun for their health. There is no expensive luxury wheel required. In principle, even the good old Holland wheel is suitable.

But who wants to do a trip on the weekend times with the bike, today prefers the trekking bike. Advantage: Trecking bikes are real all-rounder, which are ideal for the road, but also make a detour on the forest path. Their weight is relatively low and the usually standard circuit allows the driver to overcome gradients with ease. However, you should always pay attention to a few things when cycling. Even if the bike is climbed just for fun.

Comfortable clothes and sturdy shoes

For example, the clothes are important. Professionals are wearing jersey and cycling shorts made of the latest materials. If you enjoy the fun on two wheels now and then, you do not really need it. The clothing must be breathable and comfortable. And with the shoes should be paid to a firm grip. Heels and mules are taboo. This is important for safety and ensures full power transmission to the pedals. For example, sneakers are ideal.

The most comfortable ride is upright

The bike itself, especially saddle and handlebars must be properly adjusted. The best for comfortable cycling is an upright posture. The handlebar must be adjusted so that the arms do not have to be fully extended to hold it. The saddle has the optimal position when at least one foot can be placed on the ground while sitting.

Of course, the technology has to be right. Before pedaling, it is therefore important to check the tire pressure. Because slack tires complicate the fight and are more prone to breakdowns. In addition, a check of the brakes is announced and the check whether all screws are still tightened. And then it can start. But always nice and slow.

The first five to ten minutes need the muscles to warm up. Since you must not go wild immediately, otherwise threatens strains and the fun has an end before he starts right. For longer trips, drinking must not be forgotten. Professional cyclists prefer to take apple spritzer. It not only quenches the thirst, but also compensates the mineral household. And for the little snack in between, she always recommends having a cereal bar.

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