Pharyngitis - treatment tips

As pharyngitis, or in the jargon pharyngitis, inflammation of the throat and often also oral and cervical mucosa is called. The pharyngitis is one of the most common clinical pictures in general practice and affects many people, especially in the cold season. Learn more about the symptoms and treatment of pharyngitis.

Symptoms of pharyngitis

A pharyngitis can be recognized especially in pain during speech and swallowing. Often, a foreign body or globe sensation in the neck is associated with it. This is because the pharyngeal wall swells as soon as an inflammation has settled in it. This usually complicates the swallowing of food.

In particularly pronounced cases, the mucous membrane can swell so much that breathing is also hindered. Frequently, general symptoms such as fever and in particular in the neck and neck area swollen and tender lymph nodes appear.

Causes of pharyngitis

The cause of pharyngitis is usually viruses. Often, these are influenza viruses or viruses that generally affect the respiratory tract, such as adeno and parainfluenza viruses.

Sometimes, pharyngitis is also one of many symptoms of a flu or other infection that affects the entire body. If there is a general weakness of the immune system, this can also manifest itself in the form of increased pharyngitis.

Danger from bacteria and allergies

Once the pharyngeal wall is once infected and inflamed, there is a risk that in addition accompanying infections by bacteria, such as streptococci, nest in the mucosa. But even in the context of an allergic reaction, a pharyngitis may occur.

Treatment of pharyngitis

Anyone who suffers from a pharyngitis should generally try to avoid drafts and cold, to protect themselves physically and to ensure adequate sleep. Smoking or alcohol should be avoided so as not to further dry out the throat and thus increase the pharyngitis.

Home remedies provide relief

As soon as the first symptoms of mild pharyngitis appear, home remedies can help. These include, for example, warm teas or inhaling with sage or chamomile. To disinfect the throat, gurgling with eucalyptus can also help. Alternatively, salt water is useful to cleanse and soothe the mucous membrane.

There is no scientific evidence on the benefits of homeopathic treatment for pharyngitis. Herbal medicines recommended by homeopaths can be used as a supplement to the treatment of pharyngitis in mild cases in mild cases. Usually, such mild forms of viral pharyngitis subsequently cure without any complications.

Medicines for the pain

As a support, throat tablets with an anesthetic and decongestant effect on the pharyngeal mucosa can be taken. They have an analgesic and salivary stimulating effect and thus help the mucous membrane to regenerate. These drugs can be purchased without a prescription at the pharmacy. In addition, depending on the symptoms, antipyretic and analgesic medications may be useful and should be prescribed by the doctor.

Especially with bacterial accompanying infections also prescription drugs, such as an antibiotic may be necessary. For general conditions or any other underlying disease, this must be treated primarily: for example, an allergy with the help of antiallergic drugs.

Why the doctor?

The doctor can use a pharynx examination and possible concomitant blood samples or other examinations to ensure the diagnosis. So it is important to distinguish between a pharyngitis, a possible bacterial tonsillitis (tonsillitis) or dangerous forms of laryngeal or epiglottis inflammation, laryngitis or epiglottitis. Particularly infectious diseases such as rubella or measles should be distinguished from a simple and easy form of pharyngitis.

When to the doctor?

How long you can observe the symptoms yourself until a visit to the doctor is recommended depends on the individual case. As a general guideline, a doctor should be consulted as soon as, in addition to pharyngitis, more severe general symptoms or a bacterial infection have joined the pharynx. The same applies in the event that the symptoms of pharyngitis do not disappear despite physical protection.

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