Back pain: prevention

Prevention of back pain

"The most successful way to prevent back pain is to be active, " advises Helga Freyer, a physiotherapist from Wittelsberg. "Getting more exercise into everyday life is not that difficult, you just have to do it". As a strategy, the physiotherapist recommends checking the daily sit-in marathon to see when exercise is avoided for comfort.

Back training under professional guidance

Those who have not been active for a long time should start their sports activities wisely. "Many people have lost their own body feeling over the years, which often causes them to creep in incorrect movement patterns, " Freyer has observed.

Therefore, exercise and muscle training should first be trained under professional guidance. Your back will thank you!

4 tips against back pain

  • When sitting, make sure that the chair you sit on is the right height. The legs should be firmly on the ground and the knee joints at right angles. A straight posture when sitting, walking and standing lowers the pressure on the spine.
  • Even during sleep, the spine must be well supplied. A firm pad with flexible mattress helps to prevent back pain. In general, when lifting heavy loads, kneel down and lift out of your knees. Do not lift by bending the back!
  • Regular back exercises, which are also offered by health insurances, trains your muscles and relieves the spine. In addition, sport helps against tension and stress.
  • With baths and ointments, which have a warming, blood circulation-promoting or analgesic effect, you can quickly relax a tense back muscles. In the short term, mild analgesics and anti-inflammatory agents may also be used. They also help relieve cramps and tension.

Man is not made to sit

What was once the privilege of kings and princes of the church has become the common disease of our day: Sitting. Man is not made to sit. Actually, he is a quadruped after his developmental history. One who, over time, has straightened up and keeps his spine in balance more badly. On top of that. The less man moves, the weaker is the core muscles, which should actually support the back.

Instead, she is still tense while sitting still in the wrong way. "The dumbest invention in our Western culture is the stool, " Dr. Günter Vogel, anthropologist and expert in seating behavior. Nevertheless, statistically speaking, each Western European has no fewer than 50 seats available - including park benches, office, church, theater and prison chairs. And they are used diligently. On average, people spend 14 hours a day sitting down. Sitting has become, according to doctors, now a collective punishment of civilized humanity. The consequences: 80 percent of all Germans eventually suffer from back pain.

It would not have to be if people got more exercise and learned to sit properly. After all, sitting is a science in itself, according to the latest findings. "Already in childhood, a lot is done wrong, " said Prof. Eduard Schmitt, senior chief physician of orthopedics at the University Hospital Homburg / Saar. "Only 17 percent of schoolchildren sit at suitable school furniture, " Dr. Dieter Breithecker, Head of the Federal Association for the Promotion of Movement and Physical Activity in Wiesbaden.

Also, the development of the child's spine is disturbed by lack of exercise and too much sitting. "Instead of playing and romping in their spare time, children often sit for four to five hours at the computer or in front of the TV, in addition to their lessons, " says Prof. Schmitt. "That is fatal for the musculoskeletal system".

Let kids fidget

But there is help. For children, the motto is: Children must be allowed to kick, tilt their chair and give in to their urge to move. Adults in sedentary occupations should, in the opinion of the physicians, become accustomed to "dynamic" or "moving sitting": this means a constant change between working while sitting, standing or even walking. Even Lümmeln, Fläzen and Stuhlkantensitzen is occasionally allowed. The main thing: do not spend hours in the same seating position

Exercise for back pain

Because the intervertebral disc, the shock absorber between the individual vertebral bodies of the spine, is a gelatinous cushion, which can be supplied with necessary nutrients only by the change of pressure and discharge. The muscles of the supporting and holding apparatus are also used, moved and nourished by moving sitting. In addition, a sporty active leisure activities, which should include endurance sports such as walking, jogging, tennis or swimming as well as strength exercises in the gym, aerobics or gymnastics is important.

To prevent back pain, there are now special exercise programs to strengthen the back muscles and stabilize the spine.

Back-friendly products

The seal of quality of Aktion Gesunder Rücken eV offers meaningful help. It exclusively recognizes everyday products that have proven their back-friendly construction in front of an independent review committee with experts from medicine and science. It is also important to positively influence one's own behavior. A back school - under expert guidance - is very helpful here.

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