Back pain: causes

Back pain is one of the leading health problems in Germany, as proven by several studies in recent years. Lack of exercise, spasticity in the spine, emotional conflicts or stressful work can cause back pain.

Number of people with back problems is increasing

The number of people suffering from back problems or postural disorders is increasing steadily. Around 80 percent of Germans have ever had back pain in their lives, and 30 percent even suffer from chronic pain. Meanwhile, the situation is also dramatic for children and adolescents. 44 percent of fourth graders already complain of occasional back pain. These numbers are thought-provoking.

What are back pain?

Back pain refers to pain in the middle and lower lumbar spine. One often differentiates between pure back pain and pain radiating to the legs (sciatica).

Causes of back pain

The causes of this development are to be found in the modern service society. Most of the time people are sitting or lying in a rigid position and moving too little. This does not only apply to the professional situation, for example by sitting constantly at the desk or in front of the computer, but also leisure time, for example driving a car or watching television for hours.

The most common causes in younger age as well as in physically demanding occupations are overload problems of the muscles and the soft tissue as well as static malpositions. They usually lead to unpleasant discomfort, but fortunately usually untreated disappear relatively quickly. Malpositions often cause tension in the muscles. The musculature loses its normal extensibility due to the wrong strain, it hardens and hurts. These tensions are often triggered by poor posture in the neck and shoulder area. The tension in the upper spine area then continues downwards.

Pain in the area of ​​the lumbar vertebrae is therefore not exclusively attributable to poor posture in this area. There is only the painful place, which are triggered by tension throughout the back. The consequences range from dizziness, circulatory disorders, headache and nausea to chronic back pain, which means a massive reduction in quality of life. However, with increasing age, the spine, like the other components of the skeletal system, is subject to a chronic wear process. This can affect intervertebral discs, vertebral joints and involved soft tissues.

Other causes of back pain

In addition, serious diseases such as infections, tumors or vascular disease can cause pain in the spine. In addition, low back pain in mental stress and stress can occur. A special form of low back pain can occur during pregnancy. These complaints usually disappear after birth.

The cause of the low back pain can also be found outside the spine, for example in the adjacent abdominal cavity. From there, diseased organs (for example, kidneys, small and large intestine, pancreas) can radiate outgoing pain via the nervous system into the lumbar region.

But also fears, frustration, excessive demands and stress cause tension. If there is seldom time to enjoy life relaxed and relaxed, then the inner tension also leads to a physically noticeable tension. This often puts people with back pain in a vicious circle. Because of their pain, they withdraw. Loneliness and a lack of amusement lead to increasing inner tension.

Many people suffer from depression as a result. This quality of life limitation increases the tendency to tension and increases the risk of suffering from back pain. Even the bad premonition, possibly due to back pain on the next nice trip not to be able to participate, increases the risk, shortly before really suffering from back pain.

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