Back pain: treatment

People who suffer from back pain can do something for their backs and thereby significantly improve their quality of life. Not yet enforced the realization that 80 percent of all back pain are harmless and usually disappear after a few days by itself. With or without a doctor. In addition, temporary complaints can often be quickly alleviated by self-initiative.

Home remedies for back pain

"Heat applications, for example, promote blood circulation and relax painfully cramped muscles, " says pharmacist dr. Peter Stein from Cologne. Also herbal active ingredients such as capsaicin or extracts of willow bark reduce the symptoms, and are recommended in the view of the pharmacist. Massages and baths provide a pleasant and soothing for physical and inner relaxation. They promote the blood circulation of the muscles and thereby loosen existing tension.

Surgery or physiotherapy for back pain

If the back pain does not improve after a few days, they will even get worse or if there is a fever, the doctor's visit should not be postponed. "Those who wait too long and ignore the warning signs risk damaging their health, " Dr. Jan-Peter Jansen from the Pain Center Berlin to consider. Such warning signs are, for example, paralysis of the bladder, rectum or legs. Then, according to many orthopedic surgeons, surgery is required. "Thanks to the development of minimally invasive techniques, surgery today is no longer a threatening intervention.

But surgery remains an operation and should therefore be considered carefully, "says Dr. Matthias Psczolla Despite the" keyhole technique ", scars develop in the operating area, which can stick to the surrounding tissue and exert pressure or tension on the nerves For this reason, the possibilities of a conservative therapy should always be exploited, the orthopedist demands.

The focus is on physiotherapy. Physiotherapy seeks to improve mobility, strengthen the core muscles and stabilize the spine. Which techniques are used depends on the symptoms and the exact diagnosis. Once the pain has passed, the concern for the back is out of mind for most people until next time. However, with the help of targeted, regularly applied exercises, you could do a great deal and at least extend significantly the period until the next onset of back pain.

Pain therapy for back pain

Prerequisite for an active exercise therapy or more everyday activities is an effective pain treatment. "He who has back pain does not like to move" Dietmar Krause from the DGK. Many people with acute pain are afraid of any movement and try to avoid pain through physical paralysis. But this behavior starts a vicious circle:

  • The fear of movement can lead to malpositions.
  • The musculature is weakened and the functionality of the musculoskeletal system decreases. More pain is the result.
  • The burden on those affected increases.

It is therefore important to alleviate the symptoms in good time by means of a pain therapy. If you are painless, do not be afraid to move. A targeted exercise program can strengthen the back muscles and stabilize the spine.

Medicines for back pain

The treatment should reduce the discomfort to an acceptable level. Therefore, the use of drugs must be based on the intensity of the pain, so Krause. The recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) form a good basis for this. Thereafter mild symptoms should be treated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as the active substances diclofenac or ibuprofen.

The most severe back pain, which affects at least 500, 000 patients in Germany, requires opioid painkillers. Important is the regular intake of opioids according to a fixed schedule. "The consistent use after the clock ensures evenly high drug levels and prevents pain from recurring, " explains Krause. Long-acting preparations that release their active ingredient are therefore the first choice for chronic pain. With three days opioid pain plasters, for example with the active ingredient fentanyl, have the longest duration of action. Because the opioid enters the bloodstream through the skin, constipation, the most common side effect, is less common.

Relaxation against back pain

The learning of relaxation techniques enables those affected to recognize internal tension at an early stage and to solve it with the help of targeted exercises. With the help of a stress management training, those affected can learn to live with their stress so that they can minimize the physical and emotional consequences.

Further treatment measures

In case of failure of the conservative measures described injection treatments and special catheter methods can help further. Only when all other treatment options fail and only in exceptional cases, the operation remains. In modern spinal surgery, even large procedures such as stiffening operations with microsurgical and low-stress techniques can be carried out safely and gently. However, this makes sense only after clear diagnosis and after exhaustion of all conservative treatment options.

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