Back fitness with the Pezziball

The Pezziball - known as Fitball or Fitball, is an ideal training device for the back. Due to its special properties it adapts optimally to the body and allows the spine to be trained in a physiological position. The Pezziball is therefore an optimal fitness machine, which is versatile. Especially for children and adolescents, the Pezzi ball is a popular tool that gives gymnastic exercises a more playful character.

Training for bones, joints and spine

The ball is a pure exercise device with very good properties to train bones, joints and the spine. The advantages: The ball stretches and relaxes the back muscles, trains the balance and posture and thus trains flexibility and the sense of balance.

Exercises with the Pezzi Ball - Tips of the Action Healthy Back

Exercise 1

Important before any exercise: build a basic tension and repeat the exercises about eight times. Sit straight on the ball, stretch one leg forward - put on the toes.

exercise 2

Build tension: slowly move the arms up and down alternately.

Exercise 3

Press your palms together with your fingers straight, pull your shoulder blades towards your spine, and then straighten your head and shoulders. Keep the body tension for ten seconds.

Exercise 4

Sit on the ball and place your feet firmly on the ground. Keep your right arm straight and parallel to the ground. Now stretch your head to the side with your left hand. Hold for ten seconds - repeat eight times - then change.

Exercise 5

Relaxation: Sit on the ball, lean forward and put your hands on your feet.

Exercise 6

Establish basic tension - pull hands up and press against the thighs. In the sitting posture, gently rock up and down 20 times.

Exercise 7

Hook your hands together at chest height. Pull the hands apart - pull the shoulder blades towards the spine.

Exercise 8

They lay flat on the ground and put their calves on the ball. Now the buttocks are raised so that the trunk is stretched (no hollow cross). In addition, one leg is stretched and lifted off the ball.

Exercise 9

Build up basic tension - now raise your upper body and slowly work with your hands towards the ball. Tense buttocks and abdominal muscles. Hold for five seconds.

Tips for training with the Pezzi ball

  • More frequent, shorter training is better than one-time, long training.
  • Important: Do the exercises regularly - slowly increase the intensity, but avoid overexertion.
  • The exercises should be adapted to the age.

The Pezziball as a chair?

The ball is not suitable for sitting on it. It is believed that just sitting on the round ball, the back muscles unconsciously braced to keep the balance. And such tension, in turn, causes unnecessary pain.

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