PTSD - Posttraumatic Stress Disorder - What you can do yourself

What can I do as a victim?

Your reactions right after the event are normal. They will process the event and learn to deal with the situation.

  • The most important thing: Talk, talk, talk - this is how you handle the bad event. Talk to your partner or a good friend. Ask those to stay with you.
  • They survived. You are safe now. It's all over. - Tell yourself that again and again.
  • Try to get rid of your feelings of anxiety and tension with exercise. Take a walk, do your favorite sport. If you have a relaxation procedure, such as autogenic training, use it.
  • Avoid numbing - it only helps in the short term and the hangover afterwards is even worse. No alcohol, no sedatives or sleeping pills; but also no stimulating substances such as coffee or cola.
  • Eat, even if every bite in your throat gets stuck. Drink enough. Your body needs support!
  • You can not sleep, ponder and roll back and forth? Get up, move or relax with music or something else.

Process what happened

The next days will not be easy - but you can do it! Give yourself time, be patient.

  • Try to resume your normal rituals soon, but do not expect to run straight back to full speed.
  • They survived. You are safe now. It's all over. - Tell yourself that again and again, especially when you fall into a deep hole again.
  • Continue to talk, stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues, even if you feel like you are "living in another world." That distance will pass!
  • Be good with your body, make sure you have enough food. Keep stress under control and try to relax again and again.
  • Be particularly careful when driving and handling machinery. In times of stress accidents occur more frequently.
  • Do not be afraid to seek professional help if, after weeks to months, you still do not feel better or you suddenly have physical problems that you only previously knew from hearsay.
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