Psoriasis: UV light comb for the scalp

A "wand" against psoriasis should help Germany's health insurance companies to save on treatment costs. Two to three million Germans suffer from the genetic skin disease psoriasis. Especially in the area of ​​scalp hair, this widespread disease leaves its mark on 70 percent of those affected: massive dandruff, redness, and inflammation. In the treatment of psoriasis in the hair, dermatologists are increasingly turning to special UV light combs, whose healing ultraviolet light is directed precisely to the scalp by the optically specially shaped comb teeth. Most of the statutory health insurance companies have recently taken over 100% of the costs for the "magic wands" against psoriasis.

Psoriasis treat with UV lamps

In the past, important treatments for psoriasis and also for neurodermatitis were expensive spa stays in special therapy centers, treatments with cortisone and - in psoriasis - with salicyl. But even such expensive intensive therapies usually only temporarily help to alleviate the consequences of the disease. Above all, cortisone causes irreparable permanent damage to the skin during long-term use. For this reason, psoriasis home treatment with sunlight-like UV lamps has become increasingly popular in recent years. The health insurance companies are more in favor of these cost-effective lighting applications in the recent past. Many patients also shy away from the time-consuming spa stay given the now high deductible and the long absence from work.

"Sales of UV therapy suns for the convenient, time-saving self-treatment of psoriasis and atopic dermatitis have developed very positively in recent years, " reports Manfred Severin from METEC in Munich, Europe's leading supplier of UV therapy devices. Hairy body parts, especially the head, but can not be treated with highly effective dermatological special solariums. On the other hand, the UV light comb developed by the METEC company in Munich splits the hair during the application and the healing UV rays reach the diseased skin directly. "The UV light slows down the abnormal cell division, and the disease heals gradually, " says Severin.

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