Private supplementary health insurance

Additional health insurance: Useful for whom? Completing supplementary health insurance is an optimal decision for all Germans who want to efficiently supplement their health insurance against numerous health risks. This form of additional protection is primarily interesting for members of the statutory health insurance, who have no opportunity to switch to a full rate of private health insurance.

Due to a shrinking range of services, which can be observed in recent years in the statutory health insurance, the cost of treatments or drugs are increasingly no longer taken, although many legally insured still want comprehensive protection. The targeted conclusion of a supplementary health insurance for just a few euros a month, the legal protection can be easily supplemented.

Dentures and hospitalization as a classic

Several years ago, it was already possible for many insurance companies to take out additional protection for their own health. At the latest since the turn of the millennium, however, the topic has become relevant for a broad public in Germany, whereby above all the guarantee of achievements with the stay in a hospital as well as the cost reimbursement for a high-quality dentures are in the foreground.

Both are areas of healthcare where there is a very high probability that costs will be paid over the life of an insured person. An additional health insurance can be used at an early stage to ensure a pro rata or complete reimbursement of numerous risks.

Early contract, favorable terms

It is not uncommon for parents today to decide to take out additional health insurance for their children at an early age, thereby paving their financial lives. Due to the long accumulation phase, the contributions for additional protection are particularly inexpensive and nevertheless ensure a comprehensive range of services.

Those who have already switched to a full tariff of private health insurance, on the other hand, can do without a supplementary health insurance, but should also be paid here, as the service catalog of the full contract is designed. If there are individual wishes to improve the current tariff in certain areas, this is made possible by most insurers with a targeted supplement to the full contract, so that no explicit additional contract must be concluded here.

Private supplementary health insurance: benefits in general

Anyone who decides to take out supplementary health insurance will soon discover that the range of services offered here varies depending on the insurer and is very flexible and different. This does not apply only to the different health areas that can be covered by such additional protection. Rather, even within a performance range such. B. a dental insurance different conditions.

The assumption of costs of various treatments, aids or medicines is here deviating, with each contract including maximum coverage. These are limits, up to which amount a maximum reimbursement takes place. Not infrequently, individual benefits are also based on the sum insured and are granted in percentage terms according to their value.

Additional health insurance: Most selected benefits

Usually, supplementary health insurance is currently being completed to ensure coverage for hospitalization or dental treatment. With the latter, the reimbursement for a high-quality dentures made of porcelain or plastic can also count as a contract as payments for regular dental prophylaxis in order to maintain your own dental health as long as possible.

When staying in a hospital or a clinic, the treatment by a chief physician or the guarantee of a single or double room are among the most frequent services that are requested with additional protection. If these services can not be provided, for. B. because of high utilization of the hospital, financial compensation can be claimed instead.

Include special services in the tariff choice

In addition to such standards in supplementary health insurance, most insurers are increasingly offering other tariffs that affect other areas of the healthcare system. For example, the cost of medical fees or self-paced medicines may be passed on to the insurer if appropriate protection is desired.

Also, the costs of alternative practitioner treatments and other, alternative forms of treatment are taken over by various insurers as well as special treatments in many fields of medicine. Here the individual interest of the patient with his or her personal medical history decides for which areas he / she wishes to be reimbursed and by which insurer this is granted as part of additional protection.

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