Prevention - What can I do?

Prevention and health care require the active participation of each individual. There are many approaches that make it possible to do something for your own health. Prevention includes reducing risk factors as well as promoting positive factors that strengthen the body against negative influences. In addition, an increase in mental and social well-being is also important.

Prevention requires information

In the first place is the information - only if I know what is good and harmful for me, I can change something. Good contact points are the family doctors - they can give tips and assistance and often also provide other contacts. In addition, doctors are also those who are responsible for medical prevention such as check-ups and cancer screening examinations and, of course, even with already occurred disease the patient.

Health insurance companies now offer a wide range of information events, seminars and courses whose participation is often sweetened with bonus points. The state is also involved in many projects and information campaigns - for example, the Internet offers of the relevant ministries, such as the Federal Ministry of Health, offer a good overview.

Exercise, nutrition, everyday working life: important factors of prevention

  • Movement plays an important role - coupled with training for endurance, strength and stretching. Often it is easier in the group to overcome the inner bastard - many associations, community colleges and similar institutions offer health-oriented sports programs for prevention.
  • Another important component is the diet - there are also numerous ways to change something along with other people and under professional guidance to their own lifestyle. The parents have an exemplary role to play - what they show to their children decisively shapes their behavior. A health-conscious everyday life with exercise and balanced nutrition is taken for granted as well as regular brushing and visits to the dentist.
  • In particular, company doctors are responsible for prevention in everyday working life. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, companies - depending on the type of company and the number and composition of their employees - have the legal obligation to appoint company doctors. They not only advise the employer in questions of occupational safety and accident prevention, but are also available to the employees for investigations and consultations. For example, under their guidance, the workplace can be made as health-friendly and ergonomic as possible.
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