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Galileo system in therapy

What causes the astronauts of the "Galileo Space" is known among physiotherapists as the "Galileo system". Galileo is a patented vibration alternator with side alternation: Like a rocker, the plane swings left and right at high speed up and down. The Galileo training simulates a hip movement, as it occurs in natural walking.

"The oscillations create a reflex physiological movement pattern in the rhythmic alternation between the left and right side of the body, which in turn leads to fast and precise muscle movements, which are independent of the will of the exercising person, " the manufacturer writes.

Galileo training as exercise therapy

Galileo training is used as exercise therapy, especially in the elderly. The vibration causes reflexes that are important for standing and walking to be triggered. The fast rocking movements irritate nerves and muscles and improve their performance in certain movements. The aim of the therapy is the fall prevention. The vibrating machine also helps against bone loss, the so-called osteoporosis.

Those who allow themselves to be shaken by Galileo regularly also specifically train the muscles in the pelvic floor. This is proven by studies at the University of Göttingen, among others.

The Galileo training is then paid by the health insurance companies, if patients with osteoporosis or bladder weakness receive a referral from the specialist. The training device is part of an overall treatment.

Power Plate for Taut Skin?

So now the jolting and vibrating Power Plate has arrived in German gyms, and since the target group here are working ladies with little free time, they are touted as a cellulite and fat tissue killer.

So far there are no studies showing that the Power Plate changes the skin structure. The degradation of fatty tissue has not yet been scientifically proven in this training method.

Exercise with Power Plate

Dr. Heinz Kleinöder of the sports university Cologne explained to the magazine Brigitte : "In order to put away the vibrations of the platform, the muscles have to do heavy work. This leads to a significant improvement in strength, mobility, bone density and posture." He recommends a 10-minute program with five to seven exercises for starters.

To relax and warm up you only stand on the plate. Do light stretching exercises, the muscle is also heated. In exercises with tense muscles, the vibration training leads to a high training stimulus, since many muscle fibers are stimulated at the same time.

Only train under trained supervision

It should definitely be a trained coach, who makes sure that, for example, not squeezing the knee, otherwise it can cause a headache. Dizziness and nausea also occur if you overdo it.

People with joint problems must always talk with the doctor before training if the Power Plate is suitable for them.

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