Potency disorders: diagnosis and prevention

Erectile dysfunction: examinations and diagnosis

In order to find out the causes of erectile dysfunction, extensive investigations are necessary. Not only does the patient have to overcome the shyness of having to go to the doctor for the first time, but he also has to be prepared for the doctor to ask a series of very personal questions that relate to sex life, partnership, professional life and the leisure sector. An experienced doctor will also involve the respective partner in counseling and treatment.

In practice, penis and testicles are scanned, blood pressure is measured and blood and urine tests are performed. With a determination of the hormone status can be clarified whether hormonal changes are the cause of the potency disorder.

Tests and measurements to determine the cause

In healthy men, involuntary erections occur in deep sleep phases. These can be determined with the help of the respective partner or detected with measuring devices (tumescence measurement). If these are present in sufficient strength, one can assume that there is no physical disorder.

If further searches for organic causes, then ultrasound examinations of the blood vessels of the penis at rest and after injection of a erektionsfördernden drug (swelling body injection test SKIT) can be performed. However, this test may also be false negative due to nicotine consumption or stress on examination.

In diabetics, electrical stimuli are used to determine if nerve damage is the cause of the disorder. There are also - depending on the question - still some special tests.

Erectile problems - Partners should support treatment

Frequently, erection problems are additionally compounded by the fact that the topic is not addressed. This burdens the partnership and increases its own pressure. An open conversation with the partner and his involvement in the treatment are the best way to successfully resolve the disorder.

The attending physician - usually a urologist - will involve the respective partner in the diagnosis and therapy. Addresses of self-help groups and therapists specializing in sexual disorders can also be found here.

Precaution: Prevent potency disorders

So that potency disorders, if possible, do not arise at all, risk factors such as alcohol, smoking, hypertension, arteriosclerosis or diabetes should be recognized and treated in good time. Therefore, it makes sense to take the appropriate precautionary appointments and to pay attention to healthy nutrition and sporty balance.

The same applies to stress traps in all areas of life: especially younger men are among those affected with potency disorders, where stress and mental disorders are in the foreground. Although there is no targeted prevention of erectile dysfunction, a healthy lifestyle reduces the risk.

Most sufferers have mild problems and thus sexual resources that can be used well for the treatment. Only less than one-third of men with potential dysfunctions have virtually no effect on erectile function.

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