Leek - Versatile, aromatic and healthy

He is the "asparagus of the poor man" and a historical size: the leek. Already the ancient Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans consumed the tasty plant. The Roman Emperor Nero appreciated the leeks because of its mustard oils, which are supposed to maintain the voice. His eating habits earned him the name Porrophagus, Porreefresser. From the Mediterranean, the bulbous plant began its triumphal procession to northern Europe. The Germans and British also appreciated the aromatic vegetables with the long white stem and the juicy green leaves.

Leek is available all year round

The "illustrious" rulers even used the vegetables as coat of arms decoration. The British part of Wales still bears leeks in its coat of arms. It is all the more astonishing that the vitamin and mineral-containing vegetables are offered so cheaply throughout the year. Supply and demand clearly regulate the price here.

The offer is quite large: leeks are sown in the spring. From June, the summer freeze can already be harvested. He has a longer white shaft than his wintry colleagues. The leaves are light green and have a soft, loose texture. From September, the autumnal vines are harvested, which has dark green leaves and a slightly stronger flavor. The leek can be kept in the field or in the warehouse until spring.

Ingredients and effect of leek

Leek, also called leek, contains many vitamins and minerals. Especially vitamin C and K as well as folic acid are included. The mineral content of potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese is considerable. As befits an onion plant, leeks also contain many phytochemicals that are responsible for the intense taste and smell. Particularly important here are the sulfur compounds, which also have an antioxidant and antibacterial effect.

For this reason, leeks are not only interesting as food, but are traditionally credited with healing effects. Leek should be particularly successful in detoxification: it stimulates kidney activity and counteracts the formation of kidney stones. The digestive activity is also stimulated and the bile flow accelerated. In addition, leek is attributed to a helpful function in bronchial diseases.

Versatile vegetables

For the amateur chef, the best feature is the versatility of the vegetables. Leek serves as a spice, but can easily be the main vegetable. Raw or cooked, baked or fried - leek tastes and always works. The most valuable is the varied pole whenever it has been heated only briefly and has come into contact with little water. Also for leek so steaming offers itself as a gentle cooking process.

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