Mushrooms against diseases: mushrooms are healthy

Mushrooms are healthy

The already available and upcoming studies give hope that soon further insights into the effects of fungi will be gained. Despite these hopes, one should realize that eating mushrooms alone can not cure serious illnesses like cancer or AIDS.

Mushrooms as a remedy

As supportive therapy and prevention mushrooms are increasingly gaining a place among herbal remedies. Incidentally, dried mushrooms are more suitable for use as fresh produce due to their higher concentration of remedies, which is still 80 to 90 percent water.

The mushroom bodies are laid out to dry on clean parchment paper, then they can be further processed in a spice mill to powder, which is even more intense in the effect and even easier to dose. The daily dose is about a teaspoon of powder, which can be mixed with tea or soup.

Mushrooms have low calories: 100 grams of raw mushrooms bring it to about 15 Kcal, 100 grams of boletus produce 20 Kcal. They contain vitamins such as D, B2, niacin and pantothenic acid.

It should be noted that raw mushrooms contain a substance called agaritin, which has been shown to have a carcinogenic effect. Agaritin is destroyed during cooking (from 70 ° C).

Shelf life of mushrooms

Finally, an answer to the question of whether mushrooms should not warm up again? This recommendation is still from the refrigerator loose time: If mushrooms are kept uncooled for a long time, they are an ideal breeding ground for germs of all kinds. And if kept warm for too long, poisonous amines are formed. These can lead to severe intolerance symptoms in humans.

Mushrooms should never be stored in plastic bags, otherwise they spoil very quickly. So mushrooms should be warmed up if you observe the following: Put leftovers immediately after the meal in the fridge and do not store for longer than 24 hours. Heat the mushroom dish briefly while warming up.

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