Piercing in the mouth - Dentists say no

Tooth jewelery and tongue piercings, or lip piercings, many young people find "cool" and "chic". But the teeth and gums of those affected should see this differently. A study by US dentists already showed in 2007: While Dazzler (sticking symbols made of gold foil) and Twinkels (massive jewels made of gemstones) are glued superficially on the teeth and are harmless, piercings in the mouth are problematic and harmful from a dental point of view in the long run the mouth.

Tongue and lip piercings can damage teeth and periodontium

Irreparable nerve tract damage, inflammation and pain are on the list of researchers who published their study in the Journal of the American Dental Association. In the long term, the piercing jewelry can literally destroy teeth and periodontium apparatus. It makes a difference where the piercing is exactly:

If one has one in the tongue, the piercing button constantly beats against the teeth due to the constant playful movement of the tongue, which can lead to irreparable cracks in the enamel. Consequences for those affected may be heat and cold sensitivity of the teeth, irritation of the dental nerve and tooth decay.

On the other hand, if the piercing is in the lower lip, the button pushes against the gums - and can thus lead to a decrease in the gums and the underlying bone. The patients tested in the study had after only a few months with the jewelry in the mouth up to eight millimeters deep "pockets" in the gums. Once there is not enough gums and, above all, bones, the teeth are missing support and sooner or later they will fall out.

No piercing with piercing

In addition, many orthodontists now reject patients with tongue piercings a malposition treatment, as in these patients, the tongue has a changed pattern of movement - and thus the long-term treatment success is in question.

Therefore: Who wants to keep his teeth for a while, should keep the fingers of piercings in the mouth. Harmless are harmless jewelry such as Dazzler and Twinkles.

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