Phototherapy - Therapy types

New therapy for atopic dermatitis

A new therapeutic approach uses immunological processes in the diseased cells during irradiation, because the inflammatory cells are extremely sensitive to light and die. The removal of the killed cells into the lymphatic system of the body causes a "learning process" in the bone marrow to no longer produce these cells. Over time, the skin can recover and finally recover completely. Therefore, this process is also called "light vaccination".

UV-free light therapy

However, the immunological process is not yet fully understood, although long-term good medical results have been recorded in many patients. For further statements, there are currently no studies. In this so-called "UV-free light therapy", light is used in the blue spectral range, which, like UV light, has a positive effect on the skin's appearance, but can not cause burns.

This makes the procedure particularly suitable for children. But patients with psoriasis, hand and Fußekzemen, psoriasis, acne, morbid hair loss and scleroderma have been treated successfully.

light therapy

The irradiation with white, bright light, which corresponds approximately to the composition of sunlight, is used primarily in the therapy of sleep disorders. This method is commonly referred to as light therapy. Sleep disorders are often the result of shifts in the biological rhythm of the day: shift workers suffer just as much as, for example, flight crew.

An irradiation in front of a fluorescent screen, also called "light shower", can bring the organism back into balance. Light showers are also used in the treatment of Seasonal Dependent Depression (SAD). These mental disorders are triggered by a lack of sunlight, which leads to an imbalance of important messengers and hormones such as melatonin and serotonin.

In Siberia, for example, children and adults are treated with UV showers over the long winter months to compensate for the long-term lack of sunlight. However, this is not a recipe for home use: visits to commercial tanning beds are not included. A light therapy with UV light must always be medically useful and monitored.

Medically approved and approved home treatment equipment for winter depression is available. As a rule, the health insurance companies cover the costs if the treating physician has previously applied for a corresponding treatment plan and the treatment is monitored.

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