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From cuffs on the hips and on the stomach to a strong overweight: every second German brings too much on the scales - and risked thereby his health. Fat deposits occur when the body receives more calories, that is energy from food, than it consumes through basal metabolism and physical activity. The normal requirement of an adult is 2300 to 2500 calories daily. But whether someone easily remains slim or struggling for life against the pounds, is also related to his genes.

It is clear:

Heavy obesity damages health in the long run - and can even shorten life expectancy. "Obese people are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, gout, and spinal and joint signs of wear, " explains Drs. Martin Pollak, consultant physician of the Berlin-Kölnische Krankenversicherung. "Studies have shown that even with relatively little weight loss blood pressure and cholesterol levels drop significantly - and thus the risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke."

An orientation aid for the determination of a healthy body weight provides the so-called body mass index (BMI). It is calculated as follows: Body weight (kg): height (x2) = BMI.

A 1.70 m tall woman weighing 65 kg has a BMI of 22.49 (65: 1, 702 = 22.49). Their weight is in the "green range", because values ​​between 18.5 and 25 are considered harmless to health. A BMI over 25, however, means overweight. At values ​​over 30, the medicine speaks of obesity, obesity. It affects every fifth German.

Outsmart the yo-yo effect

According to their own information, three-quarters of adults have ever tried to lose weight, usually without lasting success. In fact, one-sided diets and starvation diets make little sense. Although the pounds fall at the beginning quickly, but with the eating habits they return - often lush than before.

Guilt is the yo-yo effect. "The body tunes in to undersupply and uses less energy, " explains Pollak. "After the diet, he replenishes the fat deposits more effectively."

One pound a week

So you will not get slim overnight. As a rule of thumb, the slower the pounds melt, the better the chance to hold the weight. One pound a week is a nice success. This is achieved by permanently switching to a low-fat, vitamin and carbohydrate-rich mixed diet.

Anyone who largely refrains from using fat as a fattening agent and instead eats plenty of fresh vegetables, abundantly filling whole grains, potatoes or rice as well as skinny dairy products will lose weight - without the hunger tormenting.

Diets in comparison

  • Formula diets: powders that are mixed into porridges, drinks or soups. Contain all nutrients, but do not change your diet.
  • Monodiats: are limited to one food - z. Rice, potatoes or pineapple. In the long run, deficiency symptoms threaten.
  • Food combining: avoids the simultaneous consumption of protein and carbohydrates. Nonsensical separation, weight loss possible due to large amount of fruit and vegetables.
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