By car on vacation - tips for a good trip

Especially when you go by car in the long-awaited holiday - and every second German does - the holidays begin with a strain. After all, driving during the main travel season is not fun, because traffic jams and heat put extreme strain on the drivers and front-seat passengers. To arrive safely and reasonably relaxed on the beach or in the mountains here are some tips.

First aid kit and medicines

Just imagine the search for a pharmacy in a foreign country, the laborious explanation of symptoms and sensitivities. How much easier is it to take a well-stocked first aid kit for the most common diseases such as gastrointestinal upset or cold. In addition to bandages, fever thermometers, tweezers, scissors and wound dressing, the following drugs are useful, almost all of which are available without prescription in the pharmacy:

  • Disinfectant (70% alcohol, iodine)
  • Brand and wound ointment
  • Pain and fever remedies
  • Remedy for travel sickness
  • Remedy for vomiting when the stomach is spoiled by unfamiliar diet
  • Diarrhea, especially for children, is an electrolytic-glucose mixture to give the body fluid and minerals
  • Ointment or gel against insect bites and sun allergy

Chronically ill patients should pack a sufficient amount of the usual medicines (eg high blood pressure, heart medicines, insulin, etc.), as they can not be found everywhere in the usual quality.

Check first aid kit in the car

In addition to the first aid kit, of course, a standardized first aid kit is also part of the car. But after a few years, one quickly forgot what should be included in it: The first aid kit must contain an aluminum emergency blanket, disposable PVC gloves, safety pins and first aid scissors. In addition, gauze bandages, wound dressings, bandages, dressings, triangles, compresses, wound dressings, adhesive plaster.

In addition, one should keep in mind that the box year in, year in the car and is exposed to heat and cold. The material can suffer from this. The disposable gloves should therefore be changed after one or two years, because the material is brittle and tears when donning.

You should also pay attention to the expiration dates of the dressing material. Expired products are out and replaced. Maybe it's worth it to get a new first aid kit. If you are unsure, you should take the first-aid kit with you to the pharmacy and have it checked.

Tips against travel sickness

Nobody can constantly take medications for nausea. And especially children suffer from it. Blame is usually the organ of equilibrium, which has to contend with contradictory information, if you read while driving: The organ of balance reports movement (driving), the eyes report stoppage, because they concentrate for a long time on a point. Avoid reading, look out the window, many small breaks, light snacks and enough fresh air can sometimes prevent the greatest nausea.

Nutrition and drinking

From sweet drinks, countless cups of coffee or even the hearty driver's plate with French fries and pork shank you should eat in any case. It is a misconception that sweets maintain their ability to concentrate for a long time. A short-term energy boost can be achieved with it, because the blood sugar level rises while enjoying sweets. But then the blood sugar level suddenly drops again, food cravings occur, the concentration subsides.

Fruits, vegetables (tomatoes, carrots) for in between, a light lunch consisting of salad, soups, quark dishes, etc. do better services. Very important is drinking: water, fruit juices mixed with water or herbal teas are a sensible alternative to coke and sodas.

Coffee flushes the water out of the body, and the caffeine's much-praised wake-up effect quickly ceases. Tiredness helps stop, move in the fresh air and drink a lot.

Set air conditioners correctly

Scientifically proven that at a temperature of 35 ° C in the car, the driver's reaction time deteriorates by more than 65% in a 1.5 hour drive. Happy, who owns an air conditioner - otherwise help with trips to the south, very many breaks, every one to two hours. D

The air conditioner should be oriented so that it does not blow directly into the face. It must, in order to reach a temperature of 22 to 25 degrees in the interior, be set to 15 degrees cooling. At the beginning of the ride in very high heat you should initially open the window slightly to let the warm air escape.

Leave in the morning

Before a night trip you should definitely be rested. So it does not make sense to start right after a hard day's work. It has been proven that the performance of an overtired driver drops to zero in the morning between three and four o'clock, drastically increasing the risk of accidents. The best time to start your holiday is therefore in the morning.

Important phone numbers for the trip

  • ADAC address database of German speaking physicians: +49 89 76 76 76
  • ADAC roadside assistance in Germany from the fixed network: 01 80 22 22 22 2
  • ADAC roadside assistance from any mobile phone network without area code: 22 22 22
  • ADAC breakdown assistance from abroad: +49 89 22 22 22
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