Paruresis - self-help for those affected

Paruresis therapy: hope for behavioral therapy

Paruresis can not be treated with medication. But it can be positively changed by a behavioral therapy. However, physical reasons, such as prostate enlargement, prostate cancer or urethral stenosis, must be excluded by the specialist before starting therapy. The Paruresis therapy has the following structure: Before the therapy, a very detailed diagnosis is made, so that the therapy can be optimally adjusted to the Paruresis sufferer.

The paruresis sufferer will learn how the bladder works and why in some situations the bladder does not want the parresis sufferer. From this, exercises are derived, which serve to overcome the paruresis.

Paruresis: treatment by means of exercises

In the second part of the paruresis therapy, the exercises are then performed and often lead to a significant improvement in the problems with urination. The body should learn that the toilet situation is completely harmless - and for this the paruresis sufferer has to face this situation. The therapist works out a list with different levels of difficulty together with the person affected.

For some people with paruresis, urinating while sitting in a cubicle is easy, urinating while standing is more difficult. The patient must have drunk a lot during all exercises, so that the urge to urinate a little easier. The third part of paruresis therapy is then about the "paruresis in the head" - the negative thoughts. In conversations, the thoughts of those affected are analyzed, questioned and possibly also changed.

Paruresis: self-help for those affected

First, the person concerned must get to know "his" Paruresis. In doing so, a paruresis sufferer should create a hierarchy of difficulty, that is, in which situation the urination is easy (for example, when no one is present) and when is impossible (for some it is impossible to urinate in the office if colleagues could come in), a third party may be afraid that the rippling is too loud. In the next step of self-help, the paruresis sufferer needs a "buddy", a familiar with whom he consciously gets through situations.

This confidant should know the problem, understand it, and be prepared to participate in the exercises seriously, to be a valuable help. Now the body is outwitted for paruresis self-help: the body should learn that toilet does not mean immediate danger. Part of the practice is to practice interrupting the urinary stream for three to five seconds - naturally at home alone. This goes through muscle tension. To prepare for the exercise, the person suffering from paruresis must drink a lot (about two liters), preferably non-carbonated water, because the urge to urinate must be very strong.

Paruresis: help through self-help

Only the following step during the paruresis self-help is a confrontational exercise: you look for the situation in which a toilet is still working just so, for example, in men urinating while sitting in the cabin, when no one is waiting outside the door. A public toilet in a department store is now practiced: urinating while standing with the cabin door ajar - the buddy is there and waiting in front of the door. If that works, you try to break the beam.

The exercises, where you have to accept setbacks again and again, are increased in their level of difficulty. The next step is to join the buddy in the follow-up exercises, with the last lighter exercise that was successful to be repeated first. Only then should one change eg the exercise places and increase the training.

Defeat Paruresis

The next step in the Paruresis self-help means for the person concerned, now to practice alone, which will cost some overcoming. But with the exercises with the buddy you know now a lot of situations that you can and should often try by degree of difficulty. It all takes time and always costs overcoming, without which you will not overcome the paruresis. The last step is the first step in a self-determined life: the avoidance behavior must be gradually reduced to defeat the Paruresis can.

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