pantovigar® N: cure for hair loss

Everyone knows that: You wash or comb your hair and there are hairs or tufts of hair everywhere. When hair falls out, that means making room for new cells. There is no reason to worry because up to 150, 000 hairs grow on our scalp. However, hair can also fail more often and in larger quantities.

The diffuse hair loss

Widely used is the so-called diffuse hair loss. Hair does not fall out at a certain point, but on the whole head. Over time, the hair becomes lighter. Especially women suffer from this problem because it is hormonal hair loss. The diffuse hair loss is to be distinguished from the hereditary hair loss, in which the hair fails in certain places such as parting or forehead. Men of this type are more frequently affected than women.

If the doctor has not been able to detect any diseases, other triggers may be considered for diffuse hair loss. Hair loss can be an indication of nutrient and mineral deficiency caused by one-sided nutrition, stress or depression. In contrast, one can proceed with special cures in the form of capsules or tablets, foam, hair tonic or shampoos. According to reports, products with a history of diffuse alopecia may benefit from medications such as Priorin®, Propecia® or Pantovigar N®.

Effect of Pantovigar N®

For example, Pantovigar N® contains ingredients such as cystine, thiamine, biotin and yeast. Cystine, a keratin-containing amino acid, is the main constituent of the hair and makes it more resistant. Required B vitamins provide biotin (also referred to as vitamin H), thiamine, pantothenic acid and the medicinal yeast. These active ingredients contain minerals and trace elements that nourish the hair root in the growth phase.

The active ingredient complex contained in Pantovigar N® should, with regular intake, reduce hair loss and at the same time stimulate hair growth. The hair roots are stimulated and should thereby form new hair cells.

Tolerability, side effects and dosage

Pantovigar N® is a mild-acting medicine. Like all medicines, taking Pantovigar N® can also cause side effects. As a possible positive side effect is the strengthening and resilience of the fingernails to mention. Fingernails are like hair from horny cells, for whose creation creatine is needed. This explains the better and healthier appearance of the nails after a few months.

As a possible negative side effect increased hair growth on the face is criticized. In addition, gastrointestinal symptoms such as flatulence, diarrhea, or nausea may occur during the period of ingestion.

It is recommended to take one capsule three times a day. This should be swallowed whole with liquid to the main meals. Since the effects of Pantovigar N ® develop over a longer period of time, a duration of use of three to six months is pointed out.

Pantovigar N® is not a substitute for a nutritious and high-fiber diet. A healthy lifestyle with lots of exercise and regular rest periods can have a positive effect on hair growth and hair quality.

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