Pantostin® solution for hair loss

Since Prince William, Bruce Willis and Andre Agassi it is clear: Light hair or even a bald head need not be unattractive. Yet many men fear hair loss like women have cellulite. However, unfairly, women can use sports, a healthy diet and a lot of discipline to fight their dents. Men, on the other hand, depend on medicines and hair tonic remedies, which in most cases help little. One remedy for hair loss is the Pantostin ® solution.

Pantostin ® : effect and application

Pantostin ® is used in lighter forms of hormonal hereditary alopecia. The active ingredient alfatradiol starts with the hormones. Pantostin ® inhibits the formation of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which in turn is responsible for the decline in hair growth. By inhibiting the enzyme to produce DHT, alfatradiol naturally re-grows the hair roots. According to the manufacturer, Pantostin ® should be applied to the scalp once a day before going to bed by means of an enclosed applicator. The daily dose of 3 milliliters of Pantostin ® is already integrated in the applicator. The fluid should be spread on the areas of the scalp most affected by hair loss and rubbed in with the hands. After about four weeks first results should be seen. An application lasting more than one year must be discussed with the attending physician.

Pantostin ® : side effects and experiences

The most common side effects of taking Pantostin ® are burning, rashes, itching or redness on the scalp. In addition, the scalp may become more fatty during use than usual. The product should under no circumstances come into contact with the eyes and mucous membranes. For children and adolescents, the product is not suitable according to the manufacturer. There is no known experience of interactions of Pantostin ® with other medications. It is important for a successful Pantostin ® treatment to start the treatment on time. The roots of failed hair are still active for some time and can be stimulated by the drug to grow again. However, the more time passes, the more likely the hair roots are already completely dead and thus not reactivatable. Pantostin ® is therefore only suitable for mild forms of hair loss at an early stage. The remedy can be used by both women and men.

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