Without hangovers on the slopes

In addition to active winter skiing activities, long evenings, loud music, dancing and drinking alcohol at après-ski are a special highlight for many winter sports enthusiasts, rounding off daily skiing in a friendly atmosphere in cabins, cafés or night clubs.

First alcohol then skiing?

Mulled wine, Jagertee and hot cocoa with a dash are as welcome as beer and various spirits welcome warm-up in the immediate aftermath of the sporty skiing pleasure in alpine sports in the mountains.

Prevent the cat

What helps to get fit through the day and to avoid or alleviate an unwanted "hangover" on the following skiing day? So that the ski vacation stays pleasurable, we have put together some tips.

  • The breakfast is the best and above all necessary basis for a sporting day. Ideal is an oatmeal cereal with fruit and milk. Depending on the taste, sandwiches and cheese rolls / bread and vegetables are also recommended. You should not forget to drink: Here are juices and in moderation coffee and tea.
  • Instead of grabbing the candy bar in between, you'd rather quench your hunger with fruit, cereal bars or wholegrain biscuits.
  • At noon on the ski lodge, the energy storage must be replenished. Rather choose light meals that contain a lot of carbohydrates instead of greasy French fries. Optimal are pasta with tomato sauce or stews, such as pea / potato soups.
  • This also applies to the evening, when all energy reserves have to be used up and refilled. The variation of carbohydrates, such as potatoes, rice or pasta, meat, fish, fresh salad, fruits and vegetables offer the best conditions for the sporting challenge the next day.
  • Even if it's cold outside, you still sweat at winter sports. And this fluid loss must be compensated accordingly. Be sure to drink enough fluid. The best are mineral water, clear soups or fruit juice spritzers.
  • The temptation in the cold to Jagertee and mulled wine is great, but not recommended. Alcohol contains many superfluous calories and inhibits the ability to react, which is not necessarily beneficial in sports:
Drinks per servingEnergy in kcalAlcohol amount in g
Mulled wine (0.2 l) *21012.4
Jagertee (0, 2 l) *13515.5
Beer (0.5 l)21019.8
Brandy (2 cl)527.6
Eggnog (2 cl)572.7

(Average information, as there is no single recipe)

The biggest risk: alcohol

It's so enticing and can be so much fun - the apres-ski party. But beware: after a day of skiing, the body is exhausted and exhausted. The better the alcohol then works and one feels with the first mulled wine suddenly fit and wide awake. But appearance is deceptive. In the long term, alcohol increases fatigue, weakens concentration and reduces coordination.

Not a good condition for the valley run. Incidentally, most accidents on the slopes happen under the influence of alcohol. A risk that should best be avoided, for protection of oneself, but above all of others. In addition, the alcohol makes itself felt the next day, and not necessarily positive.

Nutrition tips against the hangover

  • One reason for the unpleasant feeling of the cat is the large fluid deficit, as alcohol withdraws fluid from the body. In contrast, one works with non-alcoholic drinks, such as water and juice spritzers. It is best to start with it directly in the evening.
  • Do not drink alcohol against thirst but for pleasure.
  • No alcohol on an empty stomach. High-fat meals can sometimes delay the absorption of alcohol into the blood.
  • If you drink alcohol, stay with a variety if possible. That is better tolerated.
  • Sweet and warm alcoholic drinks, such as mulled wine, sparkling wine or Jagatee get into the blood faster. As the gastric mucosa is better supplied with blood, which in turn accelerates the recording.
  • Still a proven anti-hangover recipe for the morning after: The chicken soup. It protects the affected stomach and gives the body again minerals and electrolytes and compensates for the fluid deficit.
  • The best recipe for the hangover is fresh air. Overcome the inner bastard and clench your teeth. Out of bed, off to the slopes - after a short while, the world looks better again.
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