Only for us: fathers and children

What can fathers do if the profession leaves little time for children? Very simple: action! Father-child programs provide an opportunity to do so. Who works, has the feeling that the family is too short. A problem that not only working mothers deal with. Even among German fathers, only 37 percent believe that they care enough about their children. That may be because the classic division of labor still dominates: the man is the main earner, the woman takes over the family work. This results in a conflict for fathers. Sixty-seven percent of them would like to be more involved in the care of their children, but 42 percent say the job leaves them too little time to do so. Only 75 minutes per day.

Father-child courses

Especially when the time is short, how it is used is crucial. In so-called father-child courses, fathers can spend intense moments with their offspring outside of everyday life. These activities are now offered by family education centers, church communities and fathers associations nationwide.

The demand for courses is increasing and the selection has grown in recent years. Volker Baisch, Managing Director of Väter e. V., developed a colorful program for fathers and children with the Hamburger Familienbildungsstätte. Even the father of two daughters, the certified social worker knows: "Fun and joy should be in the foreground." Men tend to think strongly about the benefits of activities, but they should perhaps ignore them here and just have fun with the children. "

Discovering together

Excursions in the forest, discovery trips on the farm, tree house weekends, high rope climbing together master tasks, a circus to join in to craft evenings and the common breakfast on Saturday: Whether athletic or imaginative, dad would like to offer exciting. "Fathers prefer to go outside with their children to experience something, rather than discussing it in a conversation, " explains Baisch Shared hobbies and joint ventures promote mutual trust and strengthen the sense of being through the games in the courses Father and child more about each other and come into conversation.

Even afterwards, there is still much to report on the success stories for which they were responsible as a team. So the man moves closer to the child again. You can also theoretically approach the relationship by attending lectures specifically for dads. "We offer this program to companies such as Airbus, HSH Nordbank or Commerzbank, " says Baisch.

More and more companies are realizing how important a well-functioning family is to their employees. In the lectures, which take place after work, scientific knowledge, but also practicalities for the education of toddlers up to the adolescent are taught. Mothers are often pre-educated, knowledgeable, and in some situations counsel their husbands to handle their child differently than their father's gut feeling does.

The education by father and mother should be complementary. The greater the active share of the father in the care of the child, the more the offspring will benefit. Children of active fathers are more empathetic, have lower gender role fixation, higher stress resilience, and social skills. The more the father cares, the more parents value the developmental progress of their child.

To share

But also the partnership and the family life are doing well, if the man often deals alone with the child. He can do this by means of small rituals: Calling from work, when the child comes out of kindergarten. Or to be home sooner to have an ice cream together. "If father and child see each other little, the contact should be high-quality, " advises the expert, and Papa should concentrate on his child, which does not mean to ask about his experiences, because only monosyllabic answers are usually the result,

Fathers should let the child participate in their lives by telling them about the work. That's the way to start talking to children about what daddy does when he's away from home and develop understanding when there's less time left. Permanently, the end of work should not be shortened by the profession. That dad needs a break to shut down, children accept. But no permanent lack of attention.

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