Fears and phobias: The 7 most common mistakes

For outsiders, it is often difficult to understand when anxious patients no longer go out, neither friends nor relatives visit and break off all social contacts. Nevertheless, those affected suffer extremely from their anxiety - even if they appear physically completely healthy.

1. Only women are anxious

Not at all. Failing the job, losing a job, or being unacceptable to others are common concerns that affect men as well. As a study by the DAK shows, for example, the stronger sex is more afraid of being alone than women.

2. Everyone can get their fear under control

In many cases self-help is not enough. When the panic grows so high that you are afraid of the fear, it creates a vicious circle. Professional help from expert therapists is the only way out.

3. Fear is always negative

No. Normally, anxiety is a natural protective reaction. This feeling ensures that we are careful in dangerous situations.

4. Situations that cause anxiety should be avoided

Anyone who consistently avoids elevators, subways or crowds restricts their activities. In the worst case, those affected can only stay in their own four walls. In behavioral therapy, for example, patients deliberately deal with their fears. In this way, they learn that nothing can happen in the respective situations.

5. Fear is a sign of weakness

But on the contrary. Fear patients are often very courageous people. This is especially true for phobics. They react bravely in situations where others are afraid and panic.

6. Anxiety disorders are always psychologically conditioned

No way. They can have very different causes. Stress is often the trigger. Certain physical conditions such as hyperthyroidism also lead to anxiety attacks. Also, drug abuse or hereditary predisposition can cause the discomfort.

7. Fears and phobias only trigger emotional complaints

Not at all. As a rule, it also comes to physical side effects such as palpitations, shortness of breath, sweating or dizzy spells. There may even be an increase in blood lipid levels and blood pressure.

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