Eczema in winter

For many, the anticipation for Christmas starts with the cold days. Neurodermatitis think differently. They are afraid of the first push, because winter time is eczema season. This phenomenon has been known for a long time. Today, dermatologists understand why.
Even Hippocrates knew that weather and climate affect health. Today we partly understand the reasons. For example, in the case of atopic dermatitis. Due to the hypofunction of the sebaceous and sweat glands, the skin of a neurodermatitis is always at risk of extreme dryness. In winter, this risk increases in addition, because the cold and dry air, the skin releases more moisture to their environment. During this time, sufferers must pay special attention to the water and fat film of their skin.

The right care

Important is regular creaming of the entire skin. Additives such as urea or D-panthenol can improve the basic care. And since even clear water can disturb the skin protection film, moisturizing bath products and shower lotions make sense for many patients. Many neurodermatitis know the burden of the German winter and flee as long as possible in the south. There they just feel better in their skin. This is because the skin needs to release less moisture to the environment.

A similarly positive effect can be observed when switching to a stimulating climate, for example to the North Sea or the high mountains. And this, although in these areas, a relatively low humidity prevails and the skin dries increasingly. A contradiction? Today, the medical community suspects that due to the stimulating climate old skin cells dissolve better and the blood circulation and the heat dissipation of the skin are promoted. The skin texture levels, the skin becomes smoother and less inflammation occurs.

Finally without cortisone?

If there is an episode of eczema, treatment with cortisone was usually the last resort. For a few years, however, there is an alternative: cortisone-free creams, so-called calcineurin inhibitors such as a cream containing the active ingredient pimecrolimus. It also promises a fast effect against itching and eczema. In addition, it is the first and only drug that promises an extension of symptom-free time when used in a timely manner.

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