Eczema - treatment

Acute eczema episodes

In acute episodes of neurodermatitis sufferers can not pass the drug therapy. Various ointments and oral medications help here:

  • The itching relieves antihistamines. You can take them (tablets, juice) or apply locally (gel, cream, pen). For external use, there are also products that additionally contain hydrocortisone. The itching and inflammation are thereby pushed back even more. Most products are now available without a prescription.
  • Cortisone albums have a strong anti-inflammatory and antipruritic effect. The doctor can prescribe them in acute attacks.
  • Cortisone-free ointments with the active ingredients tacrolimus and pimecrolimus have an anti-inflammatory effect. They are similar in their effect to cortisone, but do not lead to dilution of the skin even after prolonged use. The appropriate products must be prescribed by the doctor and should only be used in children above the age of two years. But even then, caution is advised: There is not enough data for long-term compatibility, which is why, according to the American regulatory authority, the funds should only be used if cortisone-containing medicines are not effective enough.
  • Antibiotics (prescription) or antibiotic-containing rubs are only used in atopic dermatitis if scratching has led to bacterial infections of the skin.
  • In the case of a rather dry eczema and a strong itching, the use of polidocanol-containing dermatics or creams containing St. John's wort extract is recommended. In case of extreme itching, the short-term use of a cortisone-containing preparation or the intake of antihistamines is also indicated.
  • In wet forms of eczema are either moist envelopes with tannin-containing extracts (rule: wet on wet!) For example, with oak bark or zinc-containing pastes (pasta zinci mollis) in the foreground of the therapy. Especially in childhood tannins are used because of their good compatibility, as they have anti-inflammatory, slightly itch-relieving and regulate the water balance of the skin.

Atopic eczema bouts can also be prevented if you know what you are hypersensitive or allergic. For example, many neurodermatitis suffer from allergies to pollen, mold, animal hair or house dust mites. Upon contact with the respective Allergiauslöser then a thrust can be triggered. Neurodermatitis should avoid anything that could irritate the skin. Clothes also matter. Basically, those affected benefit from light cotton clothing, while wool on the skin tends to promote itching.

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