Parathyroid glands - hypofunction

Primary hypoparathyroidism is very rare. For example, it occurs in H. A. M syndrome (= hyperparathyroid addison moniliasis syndrome). This inherited autoimmune disease is caused by a mutation on chromosome 21. Somewhat more common is parathyreoprive hypoparathyroidism. The cause is, for example, an operation on the thyroid gland in which the parathyroid glands are accidentally removed or their blood supply is destroyed.


The hypofunction of the epithelial bodies leads to a lack of parathyroid hormone and thus to calcium deficiency (hypocalcemia). Symptoms of this include cramping and cardiac arrhythmia, prolonged calcium deficiency can also trigger changes in nature or psychosis. As therapy vitamin D and calcium are administered.

How can I protect and support my parathyroid glands?

There are no special protective measures for the parathyroid glands. A well-balanced diet and sufficient exercise will do the whole body good and strengthen not least the bones that carry us throughout our lives.

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