Natural healing: hydrotherapy

In hydrotherapy, in addition to the mechanical stimuli of the water on the skin, above all, its property is used as the ideal carrier of heat and cold. These properties are used in the form of washes, castings, baths, wraps and wraps or even through a sauna.

First and foremost, the cold stimulus is responsible for the medical effects of water applications. The upstream "heat phases", for example, when changing baths or sauna visit, to strengthen the cold.

The aim of the application is the "reaction". By this the hydrotherapists understand the warm and at the same time refreshing, pleasant and relaxed body feeling that sets in after a cold water irritation. Cause is the better blood circulation of the skin.

Effect of hydrotherapy

This rapid, acute effect of hydrotherapy can be used to relieve a variety of ailments: pain, circulatory problems, circulatory disorders, feverish diseases, sleep disorders or respiratory problems. Although the direct effect of hydrotherapy is a good remedy for various symptoms, it does not cure the causative disease.

Only in the case of long-term use can important regulatory functions in the body be harmonized again, for example the autonomic nervous system or hormone production. Among other things, this benefits the cardiovascular system. Long-term applications such as sauna or regular cold castings are also an excellent means of disease prevention and strengthening the immune system.

Cost of hydrotherapy

Here too, hydrotherapeutic applications are taken over by the health insurance companies if they have been prescribed by the doctor.

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