Natural healing: balneotherapy

Therapeutic bath therapy - medically: balneotherapy - takes advantage of the beneficial effects of the ingredients of the water. Such medicinal waters may contain, for example, common salt, carbon dioxide, radon, iodine or sulfur. Here, baths, drinking cures, inhalations and mud baths are used.

A balneological treatment performed in a spa resort usually takes 3-4 weeks. It is used for rehabilitation after illness, accident or surgery. But it can also be helpful for chronic conditions or psychological stress. In addition to inpatient cures in a clinic many applications are also offered on an outpatient basis.

Advantages of balneotherapy

In the context of a balneological treatment lasting several weeks, the healing properties of the healing waters are particularly beneficial, as are the other naturopathic procedures used. These include exercise therapy, relaxation procedures and a change in diet.

Also not to be underestimated are the effects of a daily rhythm that has changed compared to everyday life and the new local and social environment. The changing climate factors in a health resort can also help the body to stabilize at a new level of health.

Effect of the bath therapy

The special effect of baths is based on the fact that the body weighs only a tenth of its actual mass due to the buoyancy of the water. Therefore, every bath relieves the muscles and joints. At the same time it reduces blood pressure and promotes blood circulation.

Movements that cause pain under normal circumstances can easily be done in the water. This promotes overall mobility and mobility.

For the relaxation bath at home, there are a number of additives that may be useful in various diseases. The competent advice is available in the pharmacy.

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