Natural healing: respiratory therapy

Wrong, especially too shallow breathing can lead to a shortage of oxygen and severely affect the body in its performance and well-being. Because too shallow breathing does not fully utilize the capacity of the lungs. There is still some of the air left behind in the alveoli and the muscles and organs - but especially the brain - are not reaching their full capacity.

breathing exercises

The respiratory therapy tries to compensate for these deficits and should make it possible to control and breathe properly even in stressful situations. The breathing exercises promote oxygen uptake in the lungs and are designed to release muscle tension. Since the respiration is controlled by the autonomic nervous system, conversely, the autonomic nervous system can also be influenced and harmonized via the breath.

The respiratory therapy has meanwhile found a firm place in the rehabilitation after operations in the chest area or for the supportive treatment of respiratory diseases (eg asthma, chronic bronchitis cystic fibrosis).

Cost of respiratory therapy

If the therapy is prescribed by a doctor in the context of a therapy or rehabilitation, the health insurance usually covers the costs for the treatment. If you want to improve your breathing technique for relaxation and recovery after a stressful working day, you have to bear the costs yourself. In many cases, the health insurance companies also offer such courses together with the adult education centers.

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