Do not go swimming after dinner?

Everyone knows the rule after eating, especially after a sumptuous meal, taking a break of two hours before venturing into the cold. If you pass these, stomach cramps and the subsequent drowning death should occur. This advice is wrong. You do not need to do any scientific research to refute this, because if you jog after eating, you do not faint right away. There is no connection between eating, stomach cramps and swimming.

The fact is…

That the body becomes tired and sluggish after a luscious meal. This is due to the undersupply of the brain and the rest of the body by blood. A large part of the blood is needed in the digestive tract.

But after a greasy and extensive meal, no one feels a need for sports anyway. The body is therefore not susceptible to cramping after eating but only less powerful.


The exception: in people with cardiovascular problems and especially in older people, the double burden of the body can actually lead to collapse. So the bottom line is that they use common sense when it comes to swimming after dinner.


However, there is less to worry about stomach cramps from overeating than the biggest dangers of swimming, overconfidence and recklessness.

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