Nuts - tasty and full-bodied

In the cold season, nuts have high season. As the selection of fresh local fruits and vegetables slows down, the nutty snack is a nourishing snack in between. What is commonly associated with the term "nut" is often a completely different fruit in the botanical sense. Macadamia nuts and almonds are among the stone fruits, while the peanut - like the bean or pea - forms a pod as a butterfly.

Strawberry - a nut?

It is also relatively unknown that the strawberry is not a berry, but, botanically speaking, a picking nut. This is thanks to the small cores on her. Another nut that is native to us is hazelnut, in which the pericarp forms a woody shell, which has to be cracked before the kernel is consumed. However, since other fruits have hard shells, they are - regardless of their fruit type - summarized into peel fruit. In addition to hazelnut, walnuts, almonds, peanuts, macadamias, coconuts, chestnuts, pecan nuts, pistachios, cashews and Brazil nut are all included.

Healthy nutrient suppliers

Nuts are true calorie bombs. Above all, they owe this to the healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids that are contained in them. But the vitamins are not too short. Here are in particular the vitamin E and the B vitamins to call. Folic acid, lecithin and many minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium are also found in nuts. In addition, nuts are also high in fiber and protein. All of these ingredients make nuts a valuable contributor to a balanced diet. But the daily consumption of a handful of nuts is enough, otherwise you risk overweight.

A moderate but regular consumption of nuts has a very positive effect on the cholesterol level and is therefore a very good precaution against cardiovascular diseases.

Health risks due to nuts

In contrast to the traditional sweet almonds, the bitter almonds are not suitable for fresh consumption. They are cultivated for the production of bitter almond oil on special plantations. As their name implies, they are not very tasty anyway. This is due to the amygdalin contained in them, from which the poisonous hydrocyanic acid is formed during digestion. For toddlers, a small amount of fresh bitter almonds can be deadly. Nuts can also trigger allergies. In particular, the peanut allergy sufferers must be careful, because with them even the smallest amounts are sufficient to cause a severe itching or even shortness of breath.

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