Muscle training with and without Thera-Band

Strengthening exercises for arm and back muscles with and without Thera band. Do all exercises 8 times in a row. Before every exercise: build basic tension!

Exercise 1
Basic tension: Stand straight up, tuck the Thera band in the middle under your foot, hold your arms at 90 ° and pull slowly towards the body. Hold for 5 seconds.
exercise 2
Pull Thera-Band apart behind the buttocks. Hold your arms straight and stretch your shoulders towards the middle of your spine. Hold tension for 5 seconds - release.
Exercise 3
Now put the Thera band behind your neck and pull slowly outwards. Hold for 5 seconds - let go.
Exercise 4
Raise the upper body slightly (chin on the breastbone) - at the same time pull the Thera band apart as far as possible with the hands wrapped around it. Guide both arms with the upper body towards the knee. In this position hold the body tension for 5 sec. - Loosen the tension slowly.
Exercise 5
Relaxation - make a cat hump - take a deep breath.
Exercise 6
Basic position: lying on his back. From this position, pull one leg so close to the body that there is an angle of 90 degrees in the hip joint. With both hands now press against the thigh. The hand exerts pressure on the leg - at the same time, by the way, the abdominal muscles are strengthened.
Exercise 7
First, sit on the floor and put your hands in front of it. Then stretch one leg backwards - tense the body. Tighten the back muscles without creating a hollow back. Hold for 5 seconds
Exercise 8
Stretch and relax.
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