Dry mouth - that's where the spit is

If literally "the spit stays off", it can have unpleasant consequences. Because dry mouth due to low amounts of saliva is a cause that increases plaque forms and dental diseases such as tooth decay and gingivitis can occur more quickly. A sensible and convenient preventive measure for traveling are sugar-free Zahnpflegekaugummis and sweets. What also helps against a dry mouth, learn here!

Dry mouth - too little saliva

A healthy person normally produces between 0.5 and 1 liter of saliva a day. On the other hand, dry mouth - medically xerostomia - is a serious phenomenon that can have negative effects on the dental health in addition to dysphagia, taste disorders, bad breath or oral infections. Because the saliva takes on an important protective function for the teeth and the gums.

Varied causes of dry mouth

The causes of dry mouth are varied; Often it is the side effects of certain diseases, but above all it is drugs that cause as a side effect a reduction in salivation. This includes:

  • antihypertensive agents
  • Painkiller
  • antibiotics
  • psychotropic

However, certain groups such as smokers, where reduced saliva production is observed, and many older people, who usually drink too little, are also affected by dry mouth.

It is estimated that every fourth in Germany suffers from dry mouth.

Saliva - protective function for teeth and gums

But it is important to maintain sufficient salivation to prevent diseases such as tooth decay and gingivitis. For saliva has important protective functions for teeth and oral health:

  • It can neutralize the acids that destroy the tooth substance.
  • Thanks to its calcium and phosphate content, it can restore tooth enamel (remineralization).

Dry mouth: what to do?

In the first place, the treatment of dry mouth, it is important to drink enough. In addition, vigorous chewing promotes salivation. A "chewable" diet - food that requires thorough chewing - is therefore better for the teeth than soft food.

Useful and a recommendable home remedy - for all ages - is also the chewing sugar-free Zahnpflegekaugummis or sucking sugar-free dental care. It has been scientifically proven to stimulate saliva production and provide the right level of pH in the mouth. In addition, stimulated saliva - more than resting saliva - is particularly rich in minerals, and its ability to neutralize acids is particularly high.

Studies show that caries risk can be greatly reduced by regularly chewing sugar-free chewing gum. However, the consumption of sugar-free Zahnpflegekaugummis and sweets does not replace the regular, thorough teeth cleaning and oral hygiene! But on the way, after meals in between and for people who suffer from dry mouth, these products are well-suited for the stimulation of the salivation and thus as a useful supplement of an effective oral prophylaxis.

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