Morgenmuffel: Start the day with swing

The expression on the breakfast table speaks volumes: a grim face, sleepy eyes, hanging shoulders. The mouth, on the other hand, does not speak at all. Only some grumbling is to elicit him, in the best case a "yes" or "no". A morning muffle. Started awake too early, he starts his day grudgingly and takes hours to really get going. One in four Germans calls themselves a poll for morning muffle. Not infrequently triggers for arguments and allegations like: "Can not you talk properly?" - because the morning mood is perceived as rudeness.

Biorhythm crucial

Sleep researchers are now in the mornings: In fact, the researchers showed in experiments that the internal clock in some people just goes on for an hour, her biorhythm gets going later.

Both mentally and physically, they start later and are not fully capable in the early morning hours - they are hard to concentrate in the first lesson or can not work their way to the job.

Morgenstund has gold in the mouth - not for morning muffle

Whether someone starts early in the day or is difficult to get out of bed in the morning, is genetically determined and depends on the age. This was the result of research by the University of Munich and the University of Surrey, United Kingdom. While children are fit early, teens struggle to get going. Seniors, on the other hand, tend to start their day very early.

And also the daylight plays a role. In the dark season, the lack of sunlight makes additionally tired. But so-called morning grumpy are not completely exposed to their internal clock. With a few tips you can make the most of the morning.

Graduate psychologist Frank Meiners first advises to exclude a possible organic cause. "Sometimes a low blood pressure, a so-called hypotension, causes people to torture themselves when they get up, " says Meiners. Dizziness, tinnitus and cold hands and feet are symptoms that speak for themselves.

Jump start in the day

If the biorhythm is "to blame" for the teething troubles, a targeted exercise program can help you get your day off to a better start. Especially stretching exercises and movements that stimulate the circulation, provide the missing momentum. A light breakfast provides the necessary energy for the day.

Those who do not "get down" in the morning because their stomach is still asleep should eat at least one piece of fruit or a yoghurt and take a second, richer breakfast to school or to work, advises nutrition expert Hanna-Kathrin Kraaibeek.

But also the relatives should take some advice and not take the morning squalid personality personally, but simply leave the muffle alone. "Allegations do not lead to success and aggravate the situation rather, " said Meiners.

Tips for morning muffle

  • Do not jump out of bed immediately. Stretch and stretch your arms and legs first - even while lying down. With an exercise, you can get the circulation going in bed: Lie on your back and pull your knees as far as possible towards the chin. Stop and repeat a few times.
  • Light helps to wake up easier. It ensures that the brain stops producing the sleep hormone melatonin. In autumn and winter, when the morning sunlight is missing, a timer on the lamp helps. Also helpful is music with flowing rhythms. Studies have proven the positive effect on the psyche.
  • Recharge your batteries at the window or on the balcony and do a few simple exercises such as squats and arm circles. A warm shower invigorates the circulation. Even light brush massages promote the awakening.
  • Make sure you have a good night's sleep - do not eat too late, sleep in well-ventilated rooms, go to bed early enough - and that contributes to a pleasant morning.
  • Coffee or other caffeinated drinks make you happy. Be sure to drink caffeine-free drinks in the morning to replenish your fluid balance after the night.
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