Mobile but sick - information for doctors and parents

The non-profit Kinderumwelt GmbH and the Informationszentrum Mobilfunk e. V. have jointly published two publications on "Mobile Communications and Health". The information booklets are aimed at paediatricians and general practitioners as well as at parents and interested lay people. With this information offer both institutions want to contribute to more transparency and objectivity in the discussion on the effects of electromagnetic fields on health. Authors of the publications are Prof. Dr. med. med. Karl Ernst von Mühlendahl and dr. rer. Nat. Matthias Otto from the Kinderumwelt, which as a charitable institution of the German Academy for Paediatrics and Youth has been advising physicians and parents on the subject of mobile communications for many years.

Reliable information required

"The sometimes different statements and assessments of the effects of electromagnetic fields on humans, the uncertainty is now quite large, especially in the case of parents., But doctors also ask us more often for reliable information We therefore found it useful to offer on this subject well-founded information "Professor von Mühlendahl explains the involvement of the children's environment.

Information Center Mobile Communications

The Kinderumwelt is supported in this project by the Information Center for Mobile Communications. Managing Director Dagmar Wiebusch underlines the importance of the cooperation: "Doctors enjoy a high degree of trust from their patients, so that they will not be disappointed, they will need neutral and reliable information and the children's environment with their high level of expertise was the ideal partner for them Development of this new information offer. "

The booklet "Mobile Communications and Health - An Information for Doctors" deals with almost 50 pages in addition to the basics of mobile communication subject-specific topics such as the effect of mobile fields on living things, athermal effects, reviews on mobile and health, the protection of sensitive persons and risk perception and - communication.

The magazine "Mobile Communications and Health - An Information for Parents" addresses the most important questions from parents and provides information from the point of view of the doctor. In addition, there are information about the fundamentals of mobile telephony as well as recommendations for phoning with mobile phones.

Both publications are available free of charge from the Kinderumwelt or from the Informationszentrum Mobilfunk.

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