With plastic nets against "men's business" inguinal hernia

Inguinal hernias are often favored by weak connective tissue in the abdominal region. According to common perception, predominantly women would be affected by the so-called hernias. But in reality, 90 percent of all inguinal hernias account for the "strong" sex. What many do not know: If left untreated, the inguinal hernia can become life-threatening and should therefore always be operated on. With innovative hernia meshes, the break point can be permanently and safely closed. The treated are thanks to the high-tech networks after a short time mobile again and do not suffer from tension pain, as they can be associated with conventional suturing.

What is a hernia?

A hernia often attract people who are physically heavily burdened in the profession or just do a lot of sports: By an abrupt, violent movement "slips" a part of her peritoneum and intestine from the abdominal cavity and will feel as a small protrusion in the groin - and visible. The fact that men are particularly affected is partly due to their anatomy.

Normally the intestine is confined by the peritoneum and a firm muscle layer in the abdominal cavity. However, our abdominal muscle layer has a natural gap in the groin: through it runs the vas deferens in the man, the woman the much thinner mother tape. It becomes life-threatening, if also parts of the intestine slip through this gap - then the blood supply of this important digestive organ can be disconnected.

Connective tissue weakness as a risk factor

If the man has no intact connective tissue, the risk of inguinal hernia increases: It can no longer properly close the natural gap in jerky movements. Such a collagen defect is often genetic and is "inherited" in the family. Incidentally, nicotine is an additional risk: in smokers, the connective tissue structure is significantly more likely to be disrupted. For a long time, inguinal hernias were closed with a simple suture. Often, however, after these operations came to a subsequent break. Not infrequently, the surgeons also suffered from an annoying feeling of tension in the area of ​​the scar.

Permanent stabilization

As an alternative to seams, innovative hernia meshes are available today. With them, inguinal and umbilical fractures can be permanently closed; the likelihood of the break reopening is low. In addition, the treated after the procedure are usually free from tension and pain and quickly recover physically.

Positive side effect: Since many hernia meshes are used minimally invasive, the procedure leaves only minor scars and the wound heals faster. Dr. Helmar Gai, an expert in hernia and abdominal wall fractures at the Fleetinsel hospital in Hamburg, has already operated numerous Bundesliga players and also advises team doctors: "Especially professional footballers are at high risk for hernia because the players often have to be fit for work after one week we mostly have hernia meshes that we implant minimally invasively. "

Whether a hernia can be treated with a hernia mesh, should be clarified individually with the doctor. Especially if the hernia was caused by weakness of the connective tissue or patients had a fracture earlier, the mesh can be a good alternative to the suturing technique.

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