With relaxation against regular pain - for more well-being

Around half of all women suffer from ailments such as back pain or pain in the lower abdomen during their period. These symptoms can be treated with simple home remedies, such as a hot water bottle. Often, however, gentle physical activity is also helpful. We have put together five exercises for you, which provide more well-being during the day.

Exercise 1

Support on hands and knees, hang the head and make a cat hunch. While doing so, inhale and exhale calmly. Hold for two minutes.

exercise 2

Then slowly stretch your head up and let the spine sag down. Hold this position for two minutes.

Exercise 3

Lie supine on legs and put them upright. Now lift the pelvis and push a pillow underneath. Slowly lower the pelvis again. Neck, shoulders and arms are relaxed on the floor. Then stretch both legs up and hold. Stay in this position for a few minutes, breathing deeply into the abdomen.

Exercise 4

Supine position. Pull the legs to the upper body and embrace with the arms. Swing slowly to the left and right, breathing deeply in and out.

Exercise 5

In prone position, extend the right arm in the extension of the body and place the head on the upper arm. Ankle the left leg and pull the knee close to the body until you are comfortable. Stay in this position for a few minutes and breathe deeply and deeply. Stretch and stretch extensively before getting up.

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