mineral types

The mineral water types

The mineral water there is plenty of choice. Which water is right for you depends on your type.

The nerve-racking guy

Anyone who has a lot of stress in everyday life - whether managers, teachers, housewives, students or students - should resort to a magnesium-rich mineral water. Magnesium promotes concentration, strengthens the nerves and gives power for everyday life. Anyone who has to remain efficient in everyday life should pay attention to a magnesium content of at least 50 milligrams per liter for mineral water.

The perennial guy

Anyone who does a sweaty job, does a lot of sports or likes to make the night of the day, must take care to replace the fluid and sodium, which the body loses by sweating. Sodium plays an important role in the acid-base balance of the body and balances the water balance during exercise. A mineral water with more than 200 milligrams of sodium per liter is therefore well suited for all physically active people.

The vital type

All health-conscious, wellness fans and children should choose a mineral water that contains at least 150, better still 250 milligrams of calcium per liter. The body can absorb calcium from mineral water particularly well, since the mineral substance is already present in dissolved form. Calcium ensures stable bones and healthy skin. For children in the growth phase, adequate calcium intake is particularly important.

The relaxed guy

Someone who rarely sweats and because of his life situation does not have an increased need for a special mineral, is just right with a slightly mineralized mineral water. It replaces the loss of fluids during the day without any physical effort and, due to its neutral taste, it is suitable for many different dishes.

The pleasurable type

Even amateur cooks, wine lovers and enthusiastic restaurant visitors - in short all pleasurable people - are right with German mineral water. The wide variety with its wide range of flavors ensures that the right companion to every menu and wine. For example, mineral water sommeliers recommend a slightly salty sparkling mineral water as an aperitif to stimulate the taste. For a light appetizer, such as salad with fried scampi, a mineral water with medium to lower carbon dioxide and mineral content is suitable. Through this, the aroma of the food is not covered, but accompanied. Also in the kitchen, z. B. for frying or as an ingredient of tangy cocktails, makes mineral water a good figure.

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