Migraines - Prevention

A migraine can not be cured according to current knowledge. But it can succeed to mitigate and prevent attacks and course. Due to the unclear causes, there are many, sometimes different recommendations on how sufferers can prevent migraines.

Find individual triggers of migraines

In principle, above all, the individual causes should be found and avoided in order to prevent them from falling. These can be, for example, contraceptives (pill), stress, lack of sleep, weather conditions, low blood sugar or certain foods.

Tips against migraine

Commonly recommended measures for migraine include:

  • Change of diet
  • Reduction of stress
  • Learning and using relaxation methods
  • regular exercise or sports
  • even daily routine

It is often recommended to switch to a low carbohydrate diet - however, scientific studies are lacking. Also certain minerals and vitamins are attributed positive effects, in particular the B vitamins, coenzyme 10, magnesium, zinc, selenium and omega-3 fatty acids.

Food intolerances in migraine sufferers

Since migraine sufferers often have intolerance to food, it may be worthwhile to test them.

Classic intolerances are those against red wine and cheese, but also against food additives (for example, glutamate). Other therapies, such as homeopathy, can be used to help against migraines, but should be accompanied by a properly trained therapist because of the severity and chronic nature of migraine.

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