Migraines in pregnancy

Women are particularly likely to suffer from migraine. The often pulsating headache can be associated with nausea and vomiting and plagues women especially during menstruation. In pregnancy, 70 to 80 percent of women improve or even stop migraine attacks. Experts suspect that these are due to the high concentration of female hormones in the blood. After the birth and with the drop of estrogens and progesterone, migraine often returns in women. Nevertheless, some women also suffer from migraine during pregnancy.

Treatment of migraine in pregnancy

In pregnancy it is relatively difficult to treat migraine effectively. If possible, medicines should not be used because they could endanger the pregnancy. This is particularly important during the first three months of pregnancy, as the development of the fetus can be quickly disturbed during this phase and the risk of damage to the child or miscarriage increases.

The focus is therefore on a treatment without drugs. Rest, but also relaxation are very important. Acupuncture, gentle massages, lymphatic drainage and psychological relaxation techniques help relieve symptoms of migraine (eg headache).

From the fourth month of pregnancy women can help paracetamol in severe pain. There is disagreement about the effectiveness and danger for the fetus in the use of other agents. Basically, the use of medication during pregnancy should be discussed with the attending physician.

Migraine: Prophylaxis for pregnant women

Magnesium may be suitable for prophylaxis, as this mineral has an antispasmodic effect and is generally recommended to prevent premature labor. Vitamin B2 can also help women.

It is also useful to identify existing causes for migraine attacks and possibly switch them off. Often certain foods contribute to the occurrence of migraine. This is individually different, so it is advisable to check its nutritional habits. In addition to chocolate, some cheeses are suspected to increase migraine.

Often, migraine also improves because women generally eat healthier during pregnancy and are less stressed.

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