Mesotherapy: a bridge between natural medicine and conventional medicine

In the 50s, the mesotherapy of the French doctor. Michel Pistor developed. His aim was to bring drugs in a small dose targeted to the effect in the body and directly in the affected body site. Mesotherapy can be used in all medical areas, in Germany, it is mainly known for the aesthetic application and anti-aging.

Definition: What is Mesotherapy?

Behind the term Mesotherapy is a combination of different treatment methods of conventional medicine and alternative forms of treatment. In specialist circles, mesotherapy is often referred to as a bridge from naturopathy to conventional medicine, because "meso" translates from Greek to "middle".

For example, mesotherapy combines elements from acupuncture and neural therapy. In addition, the principle of reflex zones is used. In recent years, mesotherapy has increased its popularity, especially through its use in anti-aging and in cosmetics.

Low side effects from punctual microinjections

The guiding principle of mesotherapy can be summarized according to the motto "less is more". Because only small doses of medical drugs are used for treatment. And since the active ingredients are injected directly into the body part to be treated, they can not reach the whole body. They should really work only where their use is required.

Therefore, mesotherapy professionals often point out that mesotherapy has few side effects and virtually no complications.

What is injected with mesotherapy?

After an intensive preliminary discussion with the patient, an individual mixture of different substances is prepared for treatment. Doctors and non-medical practitioners can combine traditional medicines, homeopathic potencies, herbal ingredients, minerals and vitamins, the necessary preparations that strengthen each other and complement each other. Because of the potentiated effect, the substances are put together in an extreme dilution.

This mixture is then injected several times, but at low dosages, into the uppermost skin layers of the body site to be treated. The spraying itself does not cause any unpleasant pain as the mixture always contains a light anesthetic.

Incidentally, it is not only the composition of the various active substances that is important for the success of mesotherapy, but also the injection itself, as there are different techniques here.

What does mesotherapy do?

The effect of mesotherapy is based on the selective local application of the active ingredients and the stimulating effect of needle penetration. Because the substances are injected specifically into specific acupuncture points. It can be a kind of depot of active ingredients in the body are formed, so that the active ingredients can develop gradually and should provide a quick, but at the same time lasting effect.

The fact that the low-dose active ingredients are injected only in the affected region, the organism is not unnecessarily burdened. The injections are designed to boost the immune system, stimulate blood circulation and promote oxygenation of the connective tissue. In addition, the stimulation of the connective tissue should release the body's own endorphins and anti-inflammatory substances.

It should be kept in mind, however, that the effect of mesotherapy in science is controversial and unclear.

Use in anti-aging: Smooth and firm skin

In the course of the anti-aging trend, mesotherapy has also found its way into this area. Without surgery, wrinkles can be smoothed, cellulite and stretch marks treated and the skin tightened. The lifting effect is to be achieved through the use of hyaluronic acids, various antioxidants and vitamins.

This variant of mesotherapy is also referred to as mesolifting or biolifting. This also includes the so-called fat-away syringe, with the help of fat to be removed from disturbing body parts.

Use of mesotherapy in medicine

Even though the aesthetic treatment of mesotherapy is increasingly known in Germany, it has been able to record numerous successes in various medical fields in recent years. The therapy can help, for example, with the following diseases or injuries:

  • rheumatism
  • arthrosis
  • Joint and back pain
  • Migraine and headache
  • Sports injuries such as bruises, sprains and strains
  • Flock of atopic dermatitis or psoriasis
  • hair loss

Mesotherapy is also recommended for stress-related symptoms such as insomnia or burnout.

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