Medicines in hand luggage - What else is important

Jet lag for the handbag

Especially diabetes patients have to take into account the time difference in the metering of their medication during long-distance travel and to adjust their storage in hand luggage accordingly.

Spare pens useful

When traveling to the west, the day will be longer, here more insulin will have to be given according to the time difference: eg time shift of 6 hours corresponds to 6/24 (25%) more insulin, while traveling to the east the opposite applies.

Also useful in hand luggage: a spare pen, a replacement blood glucose meter and a Hypoglykämi emergency kit. The special ration of glucose in the bag should be self-evident.

Cosmetics and non-prescription

Duty-free items purchased at airports in the EU or on board an EU airline aircraft may be carried in a sealed bag, provided proof of purchase is from the same day. The sealing of the articles is carried out by the point of sale.

Special regulations for duty-free purchases currently apply to the USA. Corresponding information is available at the respective point of sale.

Basically, special situations require special actions: So if you want to avoid problems with the medicine in hand luggage in advance, who should report at the latest at check-in. The form of the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices for the transport of narcotics can be downloaded at this link.

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