Medicines for children

Anyone who cares for a sick child needs a lot of patience. The intake of medication can be difficult then. The younger a child is, the more restless it can be during illness.

Tips for administration

If the baby fidgets too much, it can be wrapped in a blanket and gently held for drug delivery. The baby should then be kept as if it is being fed - in no case lay on the back. In infants and toddlers, juices and drops can easily be pulled up with a disposable syringe (without a needle!) And then dropped into the mouth.

A good alternative to this are medicament vacuums, which are available in the pharmacy. Before mixing medicines for children with drinks or food, one should inquire at the pharmacy, if it can interact. It makes sense to give the child after consumption a spoonful of porridge, quark or a sip of their favorite drink to rinse off the medical taste.

In case of throat infections, a water-ice can help, which at the same time cools and supplies liquid. An inhalation aspirator can also be used to inhale essential oils. Menthol-containing inhalants are not suitable for children, however - they can lead to convulsions in the little ones because of the active ingredient content. The pharmacy therefore offers extra menthol-free inhalants for children.

Dosage in infants

Infants need medicines in well-defined dosages. If the doses are taken irregularly or incorrectly, there is a risk that the drug will not work or even harm the child. Infants are usually much more sensitive than older children. And not all dosages increase with weight and age. Therefore, parents should never change the recommended dosage on their own initiative.

If a child vomits shortly after receiving the medication or if there is diarrhea directly after the suppository, the medication can be given again. If more than 30 minutes have passed since ingestion, the drug is absorbed by the body. If diarrhea or vomiting occur later, the pediatrician should be informed. He will then decide on a repetition of the drug.

Antibiotics for children are often prescribed as "dry juices". Because many antibiotics are poorly preserved in solution, they are offered as a powder, which is mixed with water with the help of juice. The dry powder is usually supplied in a light-insensitive brown bottle which has outside markings. Tap water can usually be used to mix the juice. For the dissolution succeed, one should note the following:

  • Shake the sediment thoroughly with a little water and mix thoroughly.
  • Leave for a few minutes to let the foam settle.
  • Now fill the bottle to the mark and mix well again. Tip: Write the date on the packaging.
  • Once made, most of the antibiotic juices are in the fridge as they last longer.
  • Before the next dose, the juice must be shaken well again, so that the active ingredient is evenly distributed again.

The exact filling level in the bottle is important because otherwise the subsequent dosage with the attached measuring cup or spoon is also inaccurate. To measure the individual doses, if possible, you should use the supplied measuring spoon or measuring cup, but always the same measuring instrument.

Store medicines safely

Every medicine must be kept out of the reach of children. This also applies if medications are regularly needed in an acute illness. Children's hands can quickly put around suppositories or tablets in their mouth, nose or ears.

The same applies to the visit to grandma and grandfather: The grandfather's heart medications can very quickly be bitter pills for the offspring. Drugs belong in a lockable medicine cabinet that is best kept in the parent's bedroom. In the kitchen or in the bathroom, it is usually too humid and warm to pick up medication there.

Finally, parents should also be careful not to compare medicines with sweets or other sweets. Children need to learn early that medicines serve only one purpose - to become healthy and not to be sweets. There is nothing wrong with a sweet reward for the bitter medicine: but also an extra cuddle round or an additional chapter from the current favorite book can help.

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