Man (n) should also be able to show weakness

Actually no end of the world, if it does not work out in bed. But does not fit the picture that men have of themselves. The ego of a man usually suffers so much from a doldrums in bed that he does not even manage to get over to the doctor.

All men are failures ...

Men quickly feel like losers. No wonder: half of the world's population are women, who do two-thirds of the work, but only receive 10 percent of the world's income. In addition, they can give birth to children. If you are a man, you must at least be successful in your job, build a house, plant a tree, have a nice wife and have children.

Burn out to the waist

These self-made or film-and-advertisement requirements often lead to job stress, failure fears, relationship issues, and depression. Anyone who only weakly remembers the pictures of his loved ones, in vain remembers his last holiday memories, should urgently turn around. Otherwise fatigue, congestion and lack of time off in a nervous breakdown (burn-out syndrome). And the mid-life crisis becomes an end-life show: the heart, lungs and prostate are the man's typical weak points - triggered by stress, overwork, excessive smoking and poor nutrition. But nothing so much saps its substance as erectile dysfunction.

Typical diseases of men

  • Burn-out syndrome
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • prostate enlargement
  • erectile Dysfunction
  • Chronic Obstructive pulmonary Disease

A doctor is shunned until the end

A survey by the Allensbach Institute confirms what women have always known: men are annoyed doctors. Of the 1, 481 men interviewed, about half tried to avoid regular check-ups.

Millions of men have problems

Every fifth man suffers from erectile dysfunction. That's four to six million in Germany. Organic causes, such as cardiovascular or metabolic diseases (eg diabetes) are one reason. Often the head does not play anymore. And this is where the erection begins: the erection center responds to sexual stimuli with nerve impulses that send the "infuse more blood" command to the blood vessels in the penis. This creates an erection. In addition to excitatory stimuli, however, the erection center is also influenced by inhibiting factors - such as stress, expectation pressure or negative emotional distress. Often, a vicious circle develops because the experience of failure makes existing erectile dysfunction even worse.

Tips for him and her

  • Discuss with his / her partner in his / her state of weakness.
  • Show him that a doctor's visit testifies to true staying power! What he lacks, only the doctor can decide.
  • Avoid the saying: "This can happen to anyone".
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