Does late eating make you fat?

Today's lifestyle with a usually packed daytime program means that the hot meal is increasingly relocated from noon to evening and there - by longer working hours or increased recreational activities - late in the evening. The late-night gluttony is often accompanied by a bad conscience. Many think that a sumptuous meal before sleeping is special. Is a late meal actually unhealthy?

Is eating late unhealthy?

Studies have shown that it is not the time of the meal but, above all, the total daily intake of calories and the energy expenditure through exercise that are crucial for influencing the body weight. Persons who set the main meal for the evening due to work or other requirements for the daily routine, therefore, do not have to worry about permanently gaining weight.

To be considered at late meal

Frequent food cravings are usually not well compatible with a weight control. Those who eat rather little and irregularly during the day and for the evening driven by cravings properly, often consumes excessive calories. Try to take three to four meals throughout the day. The dinner usually does not turn out so abundant and you can enjoy your meal without a guilty conscience.

In some people, late food leads to a disturbance of sleep. Basically, the digestive organs are not overloaded by a late meal. However, sensitive people will not sleep after a lavish meal. She is literally "heavy in the stomach". Therefore do not go to bed directly after eating, but let the meal "set" a bit. For this reason, make sure that the dinner is not too big.

Tips for a healthy diet

Make sure to choose your food both during the day and in the evening to balance your energy balance:

  • abundant fruits, vegetables, cereal products, dairy products and fish
  • in moderation meat, sausage and eggs
  • rarely rich in fat and sweets
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