Measures against obesity

The fight against the fat on our ribs and hipbones is long and hard, and only those who are persistent and disciplined against their pads can achieve long-term success. We explain what measures can be decisive in the fight against obesity.

Beware of crash diets

Urgently discouraged is Hau-Ruck diets that promise quick success in a short time. Who temporarily deprives the body of nutrients loses only water. Then the body turns to the lower food intake and turns down almost on the back burner.

Once the diet is over and the usual amount of food is resumed, the organism uses everything it gets, almost twice as good, and replenishes the fat deposits even more. The yo-yo effect is there.

A balanced diet is important despite diet

Also, one-sided nutritional patterns like the Atkins Diet, a low-carbohydrate diet, do more harm to the overweight than they help. In this fashion diet, which has swum over to us from the US, only fats and protein are on the menu. Carbs such as bread, fruits and vegetables are prohibited. Although you can really lose some weight in this way. But it is primarily only water that is excreted.

In addition, studies have shown that as part of the Atkins diet, the blood lipid levels rise threatening. Due to the resulting waste products, the ketone body, the liver is also unnecessarily burdened. In this way, helping yourself to more enjoyable values ​​on the scales means that you can increase your risk for cardiovascular diseases even more. Nutritionists warn about it carefully before the fat and meat diet à la Atkins.

Diet products that advertise with less sugar or less fat, set the consumer the great error that only with the help of such special products a permanent change of diet and thus a successful weight loss would be possible. Again, this is a common dietary error.

"Eat your plate empty!" as the root of all evil

The main problem, why the population of the so-called industrialized countries is getting bigger and bigger, is the increasing amount of food we eat per meal. Even calorie-reduced foods should not be consumed in any amount.

To eat less, to rediscover the feeling of being full, to stop eating, even if there is something left on the plate - this is the secret that leads to normal weight.

Especially children who are already overweight have lost their sense of hunger and satiety. They eat out of boredom, while watching TV, playing computer games, and the advertising also persuades them that there are "healthy" chocolates or sweets, without which a child can not live.

Overweight as a family problem

In many cases, being overweight is a family problem that can only be solved within the family. Only when parents and their children are eating a healthy diet, when family outings, bike rides, or sports are replacing the television and computer do parents and children have a chance to fight the fat and its consequences.

In many cases nutritional advice, which is offered by the health insurance companies. In cooking classes, adults and children learn how to cook healthy food and that having a meal together is much more fun than lazing around in front of the TV.

Muscles against fat deposits

The fatty tissue emits messenger substances that make us even more appetite. This has been proven by studies. But if you do sports and build muscle, you consume more energy in peace than an untrained person. Because muscles burn calories, even if they are not actively used. Fat, on the other hand, lowers the idle consumption.

Sports, especially joint-gentle sports such as swimming, cycling or walking, are suitable for building up muscles and reducing superfluous fat deposits. Anyone who breaks the vicious circle and breaks through less and less desire to move will also achieve better results when losing weight.

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