MOBILIS - a successful sports medical training program for 5 years

MOBILIS gives many people in need of treatment overweight new hope in the fight against unnecessary and dangerous pounds. The program was developed by the Medical University Clinic Freiburg and the German Sport University Cologne. In 2004, the first model groups in Ratingen and Freiburg ran with great success: In the first six months, participants lost an average of almost 9 kilograms of body weight. About 70% achieved a weight reduction of more than 5% of the initial weight, as reported by Prof. Aloys Berg, Head of the Department of Sports Medicine Prevention and Rehabilitation at the University Hospital Freiburg. With this result MOBILIS fulfills the recommendations of the German Obesity Society for intervention programs with overweight adults.

... and doing sports

With MOBILIS, participants learn to change their way of life over the course of a year. Dr. Dieter Lagerstrøm, sports scientist at the German Sport University Cologne and co-initiator of the project, emphasizes: "MOBILIS is a program for self-help." With MOBILIS the participants set up their individual exercise program and learn to integrate it into their personal health concept and later into their everyday life Great emphasis is therefore placed on the transferability of the learned forms of movement in everyday life, work and leisure. " In addition to sports teachers and sports scientists, the participants are psychologists or educators, nutritionists and doctors - a specially trained interdisciplinary team - to the side.

Participate - but how?

Prerequisites for participation are the completion of the 18th year of life, heavy obesity (a body mass index between 30 and 40), at least one concomitant risk factor (eg diabetes type II, lipid metabolism disorders, high blood pressure, mental health problems, orthopedic complaints) and a medical need certification. The total cost is 685 euros, of which the BARMER and other health insurances will reimburse their insured persons 585 euros if regularly paid.

MOBILIS - qualified patient training program

Obesity is a key public health challenge. Nevertheless, there are no qualified patient training programs in the Federal Republic. MOBILIS closes this gap and is a prime example of how innovative healthcare concepts can be anchored in our health care system when science, health policy and health insurances pull together. With the tailwind of the overall positive findings, the first trainings for further teams took place in Freiburg at the end of 2004 and in 2005 the training of further multipliers in Cologne. Afterwards, MOBILIS groups started according to a standardized concept in about 30 German regions. Do you have interest? The MOBILIS contact persons will gladly inform you where a group is located near you and when there will be free seats again. In urban areas in particular, you may have to expect a short wait.

Winner of the prevention programs

MOBILIS was tested as a sports medicine training program on behalf of the Federal Center for Health Education (BzGA) on its quality and awarded by a total of 59 in the Federal Republic of Germany offered prevention programs as a winner with the title "exemplary".
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